How to use Timesact | Discount Pre‑Order with PageFly

About Timesact | Discount Pre‑OrderClick to copy

Timesact | Discount Pre‑Order app helps you manage pre-orders and back-in-stock notifications for your products.

Before using this element, you have to install the Timesact | Discount Pre‑Order app to your store, configure all options in the app, and then return to PageFly to use the element(s) for the corresponding product(s) you want.

Install Timesact | Discount Pre‑Order

Install PageFly

Access Timesact | Discount Pre‑OrderClick to copy

Step 1: Go to Add third party elements in the left toolbar > Click on the Edit your 3rd party elements button.

Step 2: In Integrations popup page, you can search “Timesact – Pre‑Order” on the search bar.

Timesact | Discount Pre‑Order

Step 3: Click on Timesact – Pre‑Order element in the dropdown menu.

Step 4: Choose the variant you want then drag and drop it to the editor page.

Timesact | Discount Pre‑Order

The element comes with one variant which is Timesact – Pre‑Order.

ConfigurationClick to copy

PageFly ConfigurationClick to copy

General SettingsClick to copy

After adding the Timesact – Pre‑Order to the Editor, on the right sidebar, you’ll see the General tab.

Timesact | Discount Pre‑Order

The Timesact – Pre‑Order element displays the pre-order button on your page.

Note: ​​​​

For the full widget configuration, please go to the settings area of the Timesact | Discount Pre‑Order application.

The Timesact – Pre‑Order element can be used only on the product pages and once a page.

You can get further information about Attributes, Visibility, and Animation parameters.

Styling SettingsClick to copy

You can customize the styling of the Timesact – Pre‑Order elements in the Styling tab.

Timesact | Discount Pre‑Order

You can get further information about Styling settings.

Here is how it looks on the live view.

Timesact | Discount Pre‑Order

Timesact | Discount Pre‑Order ConfigurationClick to copy

After configuring PageFly settings, you will need to continue with the Element settings further as below.

Step 1: Go to your Shopify Admin > Apps > Choose Timesact | Discount Pre‑Order.

Step 2: On the Dashboard, head to Products section > Pre-Orders > Add products

Timesact | Discount Pre‑Order

Key TakeawaysClick to copy

Timesact | Discount Pre‑Order app Timesact helps you sell more with pre-orders and back-in-stock notifications. You can seamlessly display the pre-order button to your products without any coding skills within PageFly.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

OverviewClick to copy

What is the pricing of the Timesact | Discount Pre‑Order? Free plan and paid plan start from $6.65/month
Does the Timesact | Discount Pre‑Order offers a yearly plan? No
Can I use the Timesact | Discount Pre‑Order on PageFly Editor? Yes

What are the benefits of using Timesact | Discount Pre‑Order?Click to copy

There are many benefits to using Timesact | Discount Pre‑Order, including:

  • Increase sales: Generate early revenue and excitement with pre-orders.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: Keep customers informed and engaged with automated notifications.
  • Reduce manual work: Save time and effort by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Boost brand awareness: Build hype and anticipation for new products.
  • Optimize inventory management: Avoid overselling and ensure you have enough stock to meet demand.

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