PayWhirl Recurring Payments element

In this article, you’ll learn about PayWhirl Shopify – The Recurring Payments element and how to use it. To use this element, the PayWhirl Recurring Payments app has to be installed on your Shopify store.

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What is Paywhirl Shopify?Click to copy

The PayWhirl Recurring Payments element is designed to present your subscription and recurring business to convince visitors about the product’s quality and ultimately increase your conversion rate.

You can use this element to display the subscription orders of a specific product or all of your products.

Before using this element, you must install the PayWhirl Recurring Payments app to your store, configure all options, and then return to PageFly to use the element(s) for your desired product(s).

You also can watch this video tutorial on how to set up this app element in PageFly:


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Firstly, you should install the app:

Then, follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Go to Add third party elements in the left toolbar > Click on the Edit your 3rd party elements button.
  • Step 2: In the Integrations popup page, you can search “PayWhirl” on the search bar
  • Step 3: Click on PayWhirl Recurring Payments element in the catalog
  • Step 4: Choose the variant you want then drag and drop it to the editor page

The PayWhirl Recurring Payments element comes with 1 variation, which is the Recurring Payments element.

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In the General tab, there is a widget configuration giving you a short explanation of the PayWhirl app and its link to the app listing.

This element must stay inside the Product Details element. You also need to ensure that you have the Product Variant inside the Product Details (Therefore, you need to have a Product Details element before).

Styling SettingsClick to copy

You can customize the styling of the PayWhirl Recurring Payments element in the Styling tab.

You can check more information about the Styling tab here.

Finally, hit Publish and see the result on your live page.

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In the app dashboard, you’ll see setup instructions to configure the app when you first log in. To start, you need to create selling plan groups in the app.

You can check their Getting Started article to learn more about the configuration in the PayWhirl app.

Particular Case: PayWhirl Shopify doesn’t display properlyClick to copy

If the subscription form doesn’t show on your live page, please check the following things:

  1. Shopify Payments must be activated. If you don’t know how to set up Shopify Payments, please visit the following link:
  2. PayWhirl is integrated with Shopify properly. To check this, open the PayWhirl Recurring Payments app, click the Installation tab, and ensure the first 3 steps are completed.

Key TakeawaysClick to copy

PayWhirl Shopify App is a recurring payments element, which provides a suitable subscription function, ultimately boosting your conversion and payment retention rate. PayWhirl works perfectly fine with PageFly, as you can install it in no time with no code requirement!

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

OverviewClick to copy

When was Paywhirl Shopify created?2020
How much is Paywhirl Shopify?$9/ month
Can I use Paywhirl Shopifyon PageFly Editor?Yes

What is Paywhirl Shopify App?Click to copy

Paywhirl is a Shopify App with a single simple and flexible subscription solution. Its function is to build recurring revenue streams and recharge subscriptions automatically.

What is included in Paywhirl Shopify Plans?Click to copy

A free plan includes: Unlimited Subscriptions, Customers & Orders, Free Installation, Support & Migration and Analytics & Data Export

Who are the Paywhirl Shopify Partners?Click to copy

Glow Loyalty, Upsell Wizard, Zapier, Webhooks

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