How to Use Shopify Blog Post Title Element?

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Summary: Shopify Blog Post Title element is designed to display the titles of your Shopify products on your page to increase your conversion rate.

You can use the Blog Post Title element to promote your blog post on any non-blog post page or use it on a blog post page.

How To Access Blog Post Title ElementClick to copy

There are 3 steps involved:

  • Step 1: Click on the 3rd icon which is the Add Shopify element function
  • Step 2: Click on the Blog Post Title element in the dropdown menu
  • Step 3: Drag and drop the element you want into the page editor and then start using it.

Note that you can search for this element by using the search function instead of finding it in the sidebar.

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How To Configure For Blog Post Title ElementClick to copy

Blog Post Title element comes with parameters allowing you to fine-tune content appearance for the best possible conversion rate.

Select the element in the layout to see its parameters.

Before exploring the details, you can watch this detailed video tutorial:

General SettingsClick to copy

Blog Post Source: When you drag and drop the Blog Post Title element into the editor page, it will be chosen by default in the Blog Post Source section.
Custom Blog Post: Select Blog Post that contains the image you want to display on your store.
HTML Tag: The 6 HTML headings are used to define the different levels of importance in a document. The H1 tag defines the most important heading, while H6 is for less significant text like side notes or disclaimers.
Link to Blog Post: Enable this option if you want to link the title to the corresponding blog post.

You can get further information about ATTRIBUTES, VISIBILITY, ANIMATION parameters here.

Styling SettingsClick to copy

You can check more information about the PageFly Element Styling.

Tips & Best PracticesClick to copy

  • When crafting your title, prioritize including your primary keyword, which reflects the main term your audience searches for when seeking content on your page. Additionally, keep the user experience at the forefront of your considerations.
  • It’s important to refrain from using duplicate titles across different pages of your website. Instead, strive to assign each page a unique title tag that effectively encapsulates its content.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

What Is A Post Title In Google?Click to copy

The post title appears at the top of the page, while the SEO title appears in the browser address bar and is also visible in search engine results. Ensuring that these two titles are the same is essential for effective SEO optimization.

Is Blog Post Title Important?Click to copy

Yes, they are very important, as they are the first words readers (and Google robots reads).

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