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PageFly Element General provides you with unique options to tailor your PageFly pages.

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There are 3 groups of parameters that all PageFly Elements contain. In this article, you will learn about Element General Settings The Three Parameters:

  • Attributes
  • Visibility
  • Animation

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In the example below, we choose a paragraph element and see how the Visibility parameter is applied to this element

 Element General Settings

What Is Visibility?Click to copy

This parameter of the General Tab Configuration – Element General Settings, is helpful if you want to hide elements in different devices.

You can choose to hide the element on specific devices:

  • Hide On Desktop
  • Hide On Laptop
  • Hide On Tablet
  • Hide On Mobile

Visibility ExamplesClick to copy

Let’s see how it works

 Element General Settings

In this example, we will hide the paragraph element on the Mobile device. Simply, we need to enable the Hide on Mobile option of the Visibility parameter.

Switching to the Laptop, Tablet device, the paragraph element is still there.

AttributesClick to copy

 Element General Settings

You can set a custom value for several native attributes of the element HTML code so that you can later use it in custom CSS/JS code. Supported attributes are as follows:

  • ID
  • Class
  • Name

Besides native attributes, you can define custom attributes for more advanced customization.

AnimationClick to copy

What Is Animation?Click to copy

There are 2 cases when you can add an animation to the elements to spice up your page.

  • When Display: Choose the animation to apply to the element when a visitor sees it for the first time.
  • When Mouse Over: Choose the animation to apply to the element when a visitor moves the mouse over it.

Each case gives you many animation choices.

You can watch this video tutorial for more details:

Animation ExamplesClick to copy

 Element General Settings

How To Delete AnimationClick to copy

Here you just need to click on the X button to remove the animation:

 Element General Settings

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

Does The Visibility Function Also Work On The Live View?Click to copy

Yes. But before that, remember to save and publish your PageFly pages first.

Can I Use Random Names For Custom Attributes?Click to copy

Currently, only valid attribute keys will be accepted. You can check the HTML attribute reference.

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