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In this article, you’ll learn about the Element Catalog and what element types you can find there.

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About the Element Catalog

The Element Catalog is located in the sidebar in the PageFly editor. It’s where you can find all the different PageFly elements. Therefore, it is much better if you have a better knowledge of these kinds of elements. There are four types of elements: Standard, Shopify, Third-party, and Sections.

Standard elements

In this list, you can find Containers, Basic elements, Media elements, Social elements and Advanced elements such as the Countdown Timer, Mailchimp Form and Table. Those are standard to any web page.

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Shopify elements

In this list, you will find elements that require data from Shopify, for example, the Product list, Product Details, Collection list, Customer Form and Blog.

Third-party elements

In this list, you can find all the elements from other apps that have been integrated with PageFly. Third-party elements have been categorized into Reviews & Rating, Badges & Seals, Upsell & Cross-Sell, Subscriptions and Upload Fields. It doesn’t stop here, the list will be expanded with time as we are working hard to partner up with the best apps in many niches.


In this list, you can find saved sections (sections that you previously created and saved) and predesigned sections.

You can watch this video about the Pre-made sections

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