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Important: This feature is only available on the Pro plan

In this article, you will learn about Blog Posts element, one of Shopify elements in PageFly, and how to use it to grow traffic to your store. 

About Blog Posts element

Blog Posts element lets you insert a single, or a list of blogs, from your Shopify store to a page. Above all, it promotes your brand story or announces an upcoming collection. As a result, it can increase conversion rate.

Even so, you can use this element to promote your blogs on other pages (ex. landing page).

Where Blog Posts element located

This element comes with 4 variations, covering most needs. Still, we will add more options soon to help you explore more design choices.

To start, let’s drag a variation to the Editor and explore it!

Blog Posts element setting

Blog Posts element offers many variables with editable layout, so you can achieve better conversion rate of the page. 

In brief, you can select the element in Editor to see its variables.

General tab configuration of Blog Posts element

Because the variables in General tab are specific for this element, you can explore them below. 

However, those in Styling and Advanced tabs are similar to other elements. Read about them here.

Blog Select the blog category to show the posts
Limit Posts Number of posts will be shown
Reverse Reverse the order of columns
Columns Choose how many columns to display blog posts
Layout Choose how the post is displayed

  • Vertical: The blog featured image will display above the blog excerpt.
  • Horizontal: The blog featured image will display beside the blog excerpt.
Image Size Featured image size. Unit is pixel, left input is the width and right is the height.
Show Image Show / Hide featured image
Show Meta Show / Hide blog meta (date, author)
Show Read More Show / Hide read more button
Show Excerpt Show / Hide blog excerpt
Excerpt Length Number of words to show. This field is available when Show Excerpt is enabled

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