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Have you ever wondered how you could keep track of all of the sections and elements on your page like a whole picture? Page Outline is the answer to that question.

The outline is just a simple record of sections, rows, columns and specific elements used on your page. Thanks to this feature, you can easily navigate to the element you would like to work on by clicking on the name of that element on the layout.

How to access the Page Outline

  • Step 1: Click on the Page Outline button (the third icon from the bottom) in the Element Catalog
  • Step 2: Normally, your page is divided into sections, to explore more of what each section contains, just open it by clicking on the arrow next to each section. There will be Row, Column, and other elements inside.

Work with Page Outline

Rearrange the position of sections, columns, rows or elements

You can rearrange the positions of sections, columns, rows or elements. The outline allows you to drag the section to the position that you want.

Find the hidden section

In the page outline, the hidden section will be blurred when you hide it on a device and then you can recognize it on the corresponding device.

For example, you hide a section on the mobile device, then that section will be blurred when you check the Mobile device, let see the gif below

How to Rename a Section

To go to a specific section easily and quickly, you can put a name to the section. To do this, you can follow these steps above:

    • Step 1: Choose the section you want to rename. You can choose the section in Page Outline. This helps you scroll to any section in the editor quickly.

  • Step 2: Go to the General tab > access Attributes parameter

  • Step 3: Click More Settings button. Insert the name of section you want inside the Name option
  • Step 4: Check Page Outline. The section is renamed.

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