Page Editor – Page Canvas | Contains All elements of your Page

In this article, you’ll learn about Page Canvas and what it looks like in different states.

1. About CanvasClick to copy

It is the container that holds all the elements of your page. After you publish a page, everything you drag into Canvas will show up on the live view.

To obtain further information, kindly refer to this video tutorial:

2. Blank Canvas

When you create a new page and don’t choose any pre-made template, the canvas appears blank and tells you to drag & drop elements from the panel.

Page Editor - Page Canvas

3. Turn on Theme Styling

Turn on Theme Styling on the PageFly editor will help you ensure that your editor on PageFly will not conflict with your theme.

In some cases, if you see a blank screen after turning Theme Styling on, please turn it off. The reason might be a conflict with the theme based on some other element that you’ve installed on your page.

Page Editor - Page Canvas

To avoid theme conflict, kindly check this video tutorial:

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