Use Top Navigation with PageFly

In this article, you will learn about the top navigation as well as top sections of PageFly editor page.

1. Menu BarClick to copy

Key features in the menu bar of navigation

Top navigation

2. Details


2.1. Page Title

Top navigation

2.2. Page Status

You can see the status of your page is published or unpublished in these features.

Top navigation

2.3. Device Selector

Top navigation

2.4. Theme Styling

Theme Styling/ View Page Structure and Enable Auto Save

Allow you to activate the theme’s styling in the editor for a more “natural” editing process. Once turned Theme Styling on, you will see the real header/footer of your Shopify theme as well as other theme styling.

Turn on View Page Structure.

Enable Auto Save, you can check this article for more details.

Top navigation

2.5. Undo / Redo

Undo or redo the last actions made

Top navigation

2.6. Save

Save & Publish/


Top navigation

2.7. Preview

You can see your page in the Preview mode when you save it. Normally if you don’t want to publish your page before it is completed, you should choose the save option and check it in the preview mode.

Top navigation

2.8. View Live Page

You can only see your page in your live store with View Live page mode when you select publish this page:Top navigation

2.9. Page Settings

Page Template, Page Settings And Visit Theme Editor

Top navigation

2.10. Background Process

With this feature, you can follow switching theme process, for more details, you can follow this article

Top navigation

2.11. Help and Support

You can search for elements or anything which is related to PageFly in the search box, then you’ll find some related articles in the Help Center displayed. Click on one of these articles to go to the Help Center.

  • Click the Browse the Help Center will lead you to the PageFly Help Center.
  • Click Start Live Chat will lead you to our 24/7 support live chat
  • Click the Join PageFly Community will lead you to the PageFly Facebook group that converges a lot of PageFly users.
  • Click the Watch video tutorials will lead you to the PageFly Youtube Channel.

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