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In this article, you will learn about the top navigation as well as top sections of PageFly editor page.

Top bar

The top bar includes useful links to Go to Dashboard, Notification, and Quick Help.

top bar of navigation

Key features in the top bar of navigation: 

Name Description
1 – PageFly logo Click to go to the PageFly app Dashboard.
2 – Notification Click to check the notifications from PageFly or go to the PageFly Notifications Page to see all the notifications.
3 – Quick Help When you click the Quick Help button, you will see a box like this

You can search for elements or anything which is related to PageFly in the search box, then you’ll find some related articles in the Help Center displayed. Click on one of these articles to go to the Help Center.

The CATEGORY also brings you to the Help Center with 4 main topics:

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Quick start
  • How-to tutorials
  • Troubleshooting

Click the Browse the Help Center will lead you to the PageFly Help Center.
Click on the last line in this box to chat with the support team.

Key features in the menu bar of navigation:

1 – Type of page Display the current type of page. Click to come back to that type of page’s PageFly Admin.
2 – Page Title Display the page name.

Click on the page name will open the Page Settings.


3 – Template Open the Page Template library with 50+ page templates designed for various purposes.

If you choose a template, it will overwrite the content of the current page.

4 – Theme Styling Allow you to activate the theme’s styling in the editor for a more “natural” editing process. Once turned on, you will see the real header/footer of your Shopify theme as well as other theme’s styling.

Note that in some cases, there might be a conflict with the theme. If you see a blank screen after turning this feature on, please turn it off.

5 – Device Selector Choose the device you want to edit the page for.
6 – Undo / Redo Undo or redo the last actions made
7 – Close Close the page editor and come back to the page list.
8 – Save Save all the changes to the database, but do not publish it to your live site yet. You can preview the changes by clicking the “Preview” button.
9 – Preview Preview the latest version of the page.

Note, that this might not be the version that is currently published. To publish the current version, click the “Publish” button.

10 – Publish Publish the latest version of the page to the live store.

Technically speaking, it will sync the data from the PageFly page to the corresponding Shopify page.

11 – Live view See the page on your live store.

Note, that if you want the latest changes to be seen on the live store, you must publish the page first.

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PageFly Help Center is now available in French, Portuguese and Chinese.Please check the flags on the page header.

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