This article will help you to understand more about the PageFly Dashboard. The PageFly dashboard looks like the image below.

PageFly Dashboard

Welcome message

This message welcomes the store owner.

Under this message is the box that informs you about Important Update on PageFly app. You can also get further details of the update by clicking on the link inside the box.

Getting started

This section introduces you to the ‘PageFly Overview – Getting Started with PageFly’ video tutorial.

Recent pages

You can see the recent pages you open along with the time they were last modified. Click on the eye icon to see those pages.

Need Help?

There are 4 methods listed in this section if you have any questions or need help.

Start live chat

Click this option if you want to chat directly with the PageFly Support team. The live chat window is on the left of the screen.

They can help you navigate your page and support you when you’re having issues.

You can find solutions to all your problems and find many useful documents and articles in the PageFly Help Center.

Visit Help Center

You can find solutions to all your problems and find many useful documents and articles in the PageFly Help Center.

Visit PageFly Academy

PageFly Academy provides the best practices to build and optimize eCommerce sites with PageFly.

View YouTube Channel

Our comprehensive video tutorials will help you solve the problems to get the most of PageFly.

What’s news


You can see the latest PageFly version here with the corresponding time of release. Moreover, all the improved features are listed here, for example, Improve Paragraph text editor and Column Layout mechanism. In addition, the problems that users often have fixed by the PageFly team are also indicated here.

If you want to see all the previous versions with the corresponding released time, new changes, and fixed problems, then click the View all option.


There are two representative articles here:

  • General setting for PageFly elements
  • How to create a product page with PageFly?

To read the details of these articles, click the corresponding Read more buttons. You also can visit the Help Center to read more articles by choosing the View all option.

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PageFly Help Center is now available in French, Portuguese and Chinese. Please check the flags on the page header.

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