How to use auto save and version history?

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In this latest update, the “Auto save” function is changed into the “Auto Backup” function – which works the same  –  designed to save your pages automatically and help to prevent losing your work.

Version History allows you to check and restore all the previously saved versions and the current version of your PageFly page, which can be accessed from within the editor.

For more details, you can check this video tutorial:

Auto Backup FunctionClick to copy

When you make changes but don’t save the page and then reload or close the page, when the page opens again, the “Auto backup found” modal will show up to help you restore the changes.

How to use auto save and version history?

  • If the you click on “Cancel“, all unsaved changes will be removed
  • If the you click “Restore“, all unsaved changes will show in the editor and you can now click the “Save” button to save these changes or make other changes

How to use auto save and version history?

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Important notes:
  • Autosaves aren’t included in version history, only manual saves are.
  • Only the 50 most recent saves can be kept in version history; older saves will be automatically deleted.

Step 1: Open Version HistoryClick to copy

You need to click on the clock icon to open the Version History modal.autosave

Step 2: Revert Your PageClick to copy

With this feature, you can revert your page to a previously saved version.

You can preview a version by selecting it, make sure you scroll down to see the whole page before deciding to restore your page to this version.

Once you click on the Restore button, there will be a pop-up confirmation dialogue to reaffirm the query before performing the restoration process.

How to use auto save and version history?

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  • The Auto Backup feature helps you save your work automatically in case of unwanted events such as power outage or computer breakdown.
  • The Version History allows you to revert your page to a preferred previous version in case you don’t like the current look.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

1. When I made some changes then reloaded the page, and a pop-up from my browser asked my decision to reload. What should I do next?

If you choose to click on the “Reload” button, the changes you made will be dismissed. However, if you close the page editor and open it again, an “Auto backup found” modal will be displayed and ask if you want to revive that unsaved version.

2. Will each change be stored in the version history right?

Yes, all of the changes will automatically be saved and stored in the Version History.

3. I accidentally deleted a previous version, will it affect my current page?

No, it won’t. If you delete a previous version, it will not affect the current version of the page.

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