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In this article, you will learn about the account settings in PageFly.

To access Account Settings, you need to access PageFly app > Settings > Account.

There are two main categories under account settings.

User InterfaceClick to copy

In this section, you can select the language that you want to be displayed on the PageFly app. You can get further information about this setting here

AccountClick to copy

In this area, you are given all the information about your account, including: 

  • Shopify account status
  • Current PageFly plan

Account Status

Your Shopify Account Status is indicated here with the “Active” status. It means that your Shopify store is running and performing normally. 

Below is your current PageFly plan that you are using. For more information about PageFly pricing plans, you can visit our article PageFly Pricing plans.

Account PrivacyClick to copy

In this area, the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are provided, please make sure to read it carefully, especially in case you want to secure your data after uninstalling PageFly.

With the aim of improving your experience, you are asked your permission to collect details about how you use the PageFly app by enabling or disabling PageFly tracking.

You also choose to remove or keep all data after uninstalling PageFly out of your Shopify store. To explain this request, by default, PageFly preserves some data related to the app after you uninstall it. The data will be removed after 48 hours. This might be beneficial for you in case you re-install PageFly in the future.

IntegrationsClick to copy

This section allows you to manage your third-party app API connection that you integrate with the PageFly app. You can access this section to connect or disconnect the third-party app.

In addition, we also have the submit form that you can leave us suggesting integration that you want us to release in the next update version of PageFly.

Thank you for your feedback!

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