How PageFly work with your Shopify theme?

OverviewClick to copy

This guide explains how PageFly Page Builder interacts with your Shopify theme. It covers switching themes progress function, managing headers and footers in PageFly pages, and common troubleshooting scenarios.

How To Switch Theme In ShopifyClick to copy

  • Step 1: Access ThemesClick to copy

From your Shopify Admin > go to Online Store > Themes

  • Step 2: Publish ThemeClick to copy

Select theme you want on ​​Theme library > Hit Publish

Switch Theme Process Function In PageFlyClick to copy

During this process, in the PageFly page editor, new pop up information will appear automatically in the right bottom corner of all the pages you are working on, like this:

After that, you can follow the status of all the pages by click on View details button, all information will display like this:

Another way for you to check the process – clicking the icon here:

What Happens If The Status Fails?Click to copy

If the status show fails, you can click on the page in the list and it will be redirected to the page. Then you can re-publish the page to make sure that all the pages will be published successfully after switching theme.

Excluding the password page; you can hide the footer and header on the regular, home, collection, product, and blog post pages created with PageFly.

By default, the header and footer come with the Shopify theme that you could use. You can hide them by opening the Page Settings modal.

  • Step 1: Access page settings modalClick to copy

In the PageFly editor, click on the 3-dot icon > choose “Page Settings

When the Page Settings modal appears: Unselect the “Show header & footer” option > Click the Save button

  • Step 3: Publish the pageClick to copy

When the setting is saved, click the Publish button to see the result on live view.

Common casesClick to copy

1. Can I use 2 themes for PageFly pages?

No, you cannot. You can use only 1 theme for all PageFly pages.

2. Is it possible to preview the unpublished theme for PageFly pages?

No, it’s impossible. PageFly pages only work with one published theme, so you have to publish the theme you want.

3. How can I make my PageFly pages use my new theme?

Once you publish your theme or migrate the PageFly content from an old theme to a new one, PageFly pages will automatically apply that theme.

In some cases, some PageFly pages haven’t been synced, so you need to check again and republish these pages.

For example, if your store has too many pages that it might reach Shopify API’s limitation, some pages might not be synced properly at one time. Therefore, you should double-check all your PageFly pages.

4. My cart is not updated automatically when adding products. How can I fix this?

Basically, PageFly works well with Shopify themes. However, some themes with specific cart mechanism can result in conflict with PageFly, leading to the cart drawer not updating automatically.

You can check this article for more details about the issue.

Use CasesClick to copy

With PageFly version 4.0, it’s highly recommended that PageFly theme helper should be enabled in Shopify Theme editor for best performance.

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