PageFly Pricing Plans | Updated in 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on PageFly’s updated pricing plans for 2023. This article aims to clarify the various pricing options available. It will help you select the plan that best fits your business needs.

  1. PageFly’s pricing plans are billed monthly.
  2. You have the option to switch to our new pricing model based on your needs. Please be aware that once you switch to the new model, you cannot revert to the old plans.
  3. Starting September 14th, 2023, new pricing options are available. They offer more flexibility for upgrading your account. Note that these new plans are only for users who install PageFly on or after September 14th, 2023.

Overview About PageFly Pricing PlansClick to copy

PageFly’s pricing is designed to match the number of pages and sections you publish, offering a range of plans that include both free and paid options to meet your specific requirements. Your chosen pricing plan will be determined by the number of pages and sections you wish to publish.

A “slot” refers to the page or section you can publish. And each slot can be any page type: home page, product page, collection page, regular page or a saved section.

For example, if you want to publish 10 pages and 10 saved sections, choose plan 20 Slots.

All PageFly features are available to you, whether you’re on the free plan or a paid one. Here’s a closer look at our pricing options:

How much is the smaller premium package? $24 for 5 slots
How much is the largest premium package? $99 for Unlimited Slots
Do functions stay the same in the premium package? Yes, only the number of slots changes

All Plans In The Pricing ModelClick to copy

The more slots you buy, the better price you get for each slot. You can check the table below for the most recent updates on our pricing plans:

PageFly pricing plan

Highest Priority Plan: UnlimitedClick to copy

In this latest version, we have released the highest priority plan which is Unlimited. In the Switching Plan interface, you can upgrade your current PageFly Pricing Plan to an Unlimited plan for unlimited perks.

PageFly pricing plan PageFly Pricing Plan – The Unlimited Package includes exclusive services, for examples:

  • Unlimited publishable slots
  • Unlimited tracking sessions
  • Priority support (Live chat and video call)
  • More upcoming exclusive features

Unlimited Plan costs 99 US$ monthly. However, if you buy an annual package, you can save 16% which is equal to 82.5 US$ for Monthly Recurring Charge.

How To Upgrade?Click to copy

Please follow these steps to upgrade your pricing plan:

  • Go to the PageFly Dashboard.
  • Navigate to ‘PageFly Plan’.
  • Select ‘Change Plan’.
  • Choose your new plan.
  • The system recalculates the Monthly Recurring Charge.
  • Click ‘Continue’ to complete.

PageFly pricing plan

You can check this article How To Upgrade PageFly Pricing Plan for more information.

​​In addition, there is an add-on package for Unlimited Blog Post pages which costs 49 US$.

After choosing, the system will calculate your Total Monthly Recurring Charge. Choose Update, then choose Proceed to payment. You will be directed to Payment.

Please note that if you have upgraded to the Unlimited plan, it already contains this unlimited blog post pages add-on.

PageFly Pricing PlanHow To Downgrade?

1. To downgrade your plan, first reduce your published pages to match the slot number of the new plan. For instance, if you’re downgrading from a 40-slot plan to a free plan, you must unpublish until only one page or section remains.

2. Please follow these steps to downgrade your pricing plan:

  • Go to the PageFly Dashboard.
  • Navigate to ‘PageFly Plan’.
  • Select ‘Change Plan’.
  • Choose your new plan.
  • The system recalculates the Monthly Recurring Charge.
  • Click ‘Continue’ to complete.

PageFly Pricing Plan

You can find more information in this article: What happens if I downgrade?.

Transition From Old (Silver/Gold/Platinum) To New Pricing ModelClick to copy

1. On your PageFly Dashboard, look for a notification. It says, “We are switching to usage-based pricing model to help you save more by only paying for what you actually use.” Click “Switch Now” if you want to change.

2. After clicking “Change Plan”, select the plan that suits your needs.

PageFly pricing plan

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

1. What Happens to Users Who Are Still Using the Old Pricing Plan?Click to copy

For those who stay at the old pricing plan, nothing will change. You will no longer have access to PageFly’s Referral Program.

2. Is There a Different Price for Certain Page Types?Click to copy

No, there’s no discrimination over the page price. No matter what page type you publish, it will count as one page and this page will take a slot on your plan.

3. What Happens If I Want to Downgrade From Paid Slots to Free?Click to copy

If you want to downgrade to the free plan, you’ll have to unpublish your pages and saved sections. Keep unpublishing until there’s only 1 slot left. This is the maximum allowed on the free version.

4. If I Subscribe to the Unlimited Blog Pages, Will My Blog Pages Be Counted in My Slots?Click to copy

No, the system will count your blog pages separately from your published slots.

5. Can I Switch Back to the Old Pricing After Upgrading to the New One?Click to copy

No, once you’ve switched to the new pricing model, you can’t revert back to the old one.

6. Can I Use the Old Pricing Plan If I Uninstall Then Reinstall the App?Click to copy

If you uninstall PageFly and install the app again, the new pricing plan will be automatically applied, there is no way to go back to the old pricing plan anymore.

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