How to use Simple Bundles & Kits element with PageFly

About Simple Bundles & KitsClick to copy

Simple Bundles & Kits is an app that allows you to create bundled product options with flexible configurations. This integration guide will show you how to connect Simple Bundles & Kits with your PageFly site to display bundles directly on your pages.

Integrating the two platforms enables you to:

  • Showcase product bundles created in Simple Bundles & Kits on your PageFly pages
  • Dynamically update bundles when inventory changes
  • Let customers select bundle options and customize configurations
  • Improve product promotion with bundles
  • Streamline order fulfillment with real-time syncing

RequirementsClick to copy

To integrate Simple Bundles & Kits with PageFly, you need:

  • Active Shopify store and PageFly account
  • Simple Bundles & Kits app installed and configured
  • At least one Infinite Options Bundle created in Simple Bundles & Kits

Installing Simple Bundles & KitsClick to copy

Simple Bundles & Kits can be installed from the Shopify App Store here:

Access the Simple Bundles & Kits elementClick to copy

Step 1: In the left menu, access Extra Function and select Integrations > Click on the Manage Integrations button.

Step 2: You can search for “Simple Bundles & Kits” on the search bar and then Activate it.

Simple Bundles & Kits element
Step 3: Back to the PageFly page editor, go to Add third-party elements in the left toolbar > Click on Simple Bundles & Kits > choose the element you want then drag and drop it to the editor page.

Simple Bundles & Kits element

ConfigurationClick to copy

PageFly ConfigurationClick to copy

General settingsClick to copy

No additional configuration is needed in PageFly after installing the bundle element. Simple Bundles & Kits handles syncing the bundles in real-time. Refer to Simple Bundles & Kits documentation for details on managing bundles, options, and inventory. Changes will reflect automatically on connected PageFly pages.


  • PageFly only integrates with the “Infinite Options Bundle”
  • Only one Simple Bundles & Kits element can be added per product page.

Simple Bundles & Kits

Styling settingsClick to copy

You can customize some parameters in the Styling tab, such as margin, border style, opacity, shadow, overriding theme styling, and CSS code area. You can check more information about the Styling tab.

Simple Bundles & Kits element

Simple Bundles & Kits ConfigurationClick to copy

Creating Bundle elementClick to copy

Please note that all the settings of the bundle have to be configured within Simple Bundles & Kits.

Simple Bundles currently has 2 versions which are V1 and V2, you can choose the version you want to use.

To create a bundle that can be integrated with PageFly, follow these steps:

Step 1: In the Simple Bundles & Kits dashboard, click “Build Bundle“. Select the Bundle Type as “Infinite Options Bundles”. Choose to either create a new bundle product or select an existing one.

Simple Bundles & Kits

Step 2: Define the bundle pricing and add products/variants.

Simple Bundles & Kits

Step 3: Configure other options and publish the bundle. Please note that you have to make the bundle be Active so it can appear on PageFly or on your theme after editing.

Key TakeawaysClick to copy

With real time inventory syncing, Simple Bundles & Kits can bring to you a true simple bundle creation process. By integrating with PageFly, you will find it extremely easy to find the most optimal placement for your bundle and increase your AOV.

FAQsClick to copy

OverviewClick to copy

How much is Simple Bundles & Kits 0-$149/month
Who owns Simple Bundles & Kits Freshly Commerce
Do I need to know code to set up my bundle No

Why should I integrate Simple Bundles & Kits with PageFly?Click to copy

By integrating with PageFly, you can freely drag and drop your bundle that you think can get the best exposure and increase your store conversion rate. Moreover, you can also modify the spacing of this element to make it mix and match with your current page design.

What does the free plan of Simple Bundles & Kits cover?Click to copy

With Free plan, you can create up to 3 bundles and get up to 500 total orders/month.

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