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About Collection View DetailsClick to copy

Summary: The Collection View Details element is designed to display details of your collection on the corresponding collection page to increase conversion rates.

You can use the Collection View Details element to promote your collections on any non-Collection page or enhance the attractiveness of Collection pages

How To Access Collection View DetailsClick to copy

You can simply follow these steps to access Collection View Details:

  • Step 1: Click on the Plus icon which is the Add Shopify element function
  • Step 2: Click on the Collection View Details element in the dropdown menu
  • Step 3: Drag and drop the element you want into the page editor and then start using it.

The Collection View Details element comes with three common variations but we will continue to add more variations to help you save time.

Note that you can search for this element by using the search function instead of finding it in the sidebar.

Shopify elements – Collection View Details

How To Configure (Setting) For Collection View DetailsClick to copy

Collection View Details element comes with plenty of parameters allowing you to fine-tune content appearance for the best possible conversion rate.

Select the element in the layout to see its parameters.

When you drag and drop the Collection View Details element into the editor page, there are 2 choices for the Collection Source for you to choose from such as:

  • Auto
  • Custom Collection

Note that if you are in the Collection Page and use the Collection View Details element, then you can choose the Collection Source option. However, if you are in a Regular Page and use this element, the Collection Source option is disabled and the Custom Collection chosen by default.

By selecting Auto, the Collection assigned to the page during creation will appear in the editor, which is the default option for the Collection View Details element.

General SettingsClick to copy

Button Type: There are 3 types of button “View Details”Shopify elements – Collection View Details
Button text: Input the text as you please for the View Details button.Shopify elements – Collection View Details
Icon Position: Only show when you choose “Text with Icon” on Button Type. To set the position of the icon to left or right the textShopify elements – Collection View Details
Enable Full Width: Make the button to fit with the width of its container (example: column)Shopify elements – Collection View Details

You can get further information about ATTRIBUTES, VISIBILITY, ANIMATION parameters here.

Styling SettingsClick to copy

For further details on the Styling tab, please refer to this link.

Tips & Best PracticesClick to copy

  • Write compelling product descriptions that highlight key features, benefits, and unique selling points. Use persuasive language to entice customers to make a purchase.
  • Optimize your collection page titles, meta descriptions, and URLs for relevant keywords to improve your search engine rankings and attract organic traffic.
  • Selecting a lightweight theme is crucial for optimizing loading speed on your website. Opt for a theme with minimal design elements and clean code to ensure faster page rendering.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

Can I Edit The Collection View Details From A Regular Page?Click to copy

No, you can’t. The editing option ‘Collection Source’ would be disabled, and the custom collection should be chosen by default.

Can I Track The Performance Of The Collection View Details Element?Click to copy

Shopify provides analytics tools that allow you to monitor the performance of elements like Collection View Details. You can track metrics such as views, clicks, and conversion rates to assess the effectiveness of the element in driving sales and engagement.

Does The Collection View Details Element Support Multimedia Content Such As Videos And Interactive Elements?Click to copy

Yes! You can enrich the presentation of your collections by incorporating multimedia content like videos, interactive images, and dynamic product displays within the Collection View Details element.

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