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In this article, you’ll learn about one of the new Shopify elements from PageFly version 2.4.0 called Product Details.

This Products Details element was created to replace the old Featured Product from the previous version of PageFly. The Featured Product element is still available in the Shopify elements; however, it is blurred and if you choose this, there is a notification “This element is deprecated and replaced by Product Details. It will be removed in future versions.”

In the version 2.5.0, Product Details has been re-equipped with a new option.

Note that you can use this element many times on your pages and assign them to different products.

About the Product Details element

The Product Details element is designed so you can put any product from your Shopify store on your page to increase your conversion rate. You can use the Product Details element to promote your product on any non-product page or to use it on a product page if you do not like the Shopify default product element on the product page.

Access the Product Details element

Step 1: Click on the 2nd icon in the Element Catalog which is the Add Shopify element function

Step 2: Click on the Product Details element in the dropdown menu

Step 3: Drag and drop the element into the page editor and then start using it.

Product Details element comes with 2 common variations but we will continue to add more variations to help you save time.

Note that you can search this element by using the search function instead of finding it in the sidebar.

Note: Using this element on a Product page type will result in two product elements on your page; the Shopify product element is removable with custom code that you can get by contacting us on live support since the code is different depending on the store’s current theme.

shopify elements product details

Product Details element configuration

Product Details element comes with plenty of parameters allowing you to fine-tune content appearance for the best possible conversion rate.

Select the element in the layout to see its parameters.

When you drag and drop the Product Details element into the editor page. There are 2 choices of the Product Source option for you to choose such as:

  • Auto
  • Custom Product

Note that if you are on the Product Page and use the Product Details element, then you can choose the Product Source option. However, if you are in the Regular Page and use this element, the Product Source option is disabled and the Custom Product chosen by default.

If you choose Auto, then there is a product that was assigned when you created this product page that will be displayed in the page editor. The Auto option is the default when you use the Product Details element.

You can choose Custom Product and select the product you want.

There is a new option when you use a Custom Product, which is the Default variant option. With this option, you can choose a variant of the product in the list of variants you want to display on the live page that your customers can see.

General tab’s parameters
  • Product Source:
    • Auto
    • Custom Product: choose Product and choose the Default variant you want.
2.ATTRIBUTES This is a parameter that all elements have. You can read more here.
3. VISIBILITY This is a parameter that all elements have. You can read more here.
4. ANIMATION This is a parameter that all elements have. You can read more here.
Styling tab’s parameters
1. OVERALL You can read about the OVERALL parameter here.
2. SPACING You can read about the SPACING parameter here.
3. TYPOGRAPHY You can read about the TYPOGRAPHY parameter here.
4. BACKGROUND You can read about the BACKGROUND parameter here.
5. BORDER You can read about the BORDER parameter here.
6. DISPLAY You can read about the DISPLAY parameter here.
7. CUSTOM CSS You can read about the CUSTOM CSS parameter here.

The tutorial video below will give you a better demonstration on adding the Product Details into PageFly pages, please check it

Having a product detail for your product is much more important and attractive if you know how to design it, here is the guide to let you know that. This guide also gives you some tips to make a professional site.

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