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In general, every element is unique and has its own settings. However, there are 3 groups of parameters that every element has. They all are configured in the “General” tab in the element’s inspector.


pagefly element's general settings 1

You can set a custom value for several native attributes of the element HTML code so that you can later use it in custom CSS/JS code. Supported attributes are as follows:

  • ID
  • Class
  • Name

Besides native attributes, you can define custom attributes for more advanced customization.


You can choose to hide the element on specific devices:

  • Hide On Desktop
  • Hide On Laptop
  • Hide On Tablet
  • Hide On Mobile

For example with the image below, if you choose the Hide On Mobile option, then this image will be displayed on Desktop, Laptop, and Tablet, but not on Mobile.

pagefly element's general settings 2


There are 2 cases when you can add an animation to the elements to spice up your page.

  • When Display
    Choose the animation to apply to the element when a visitor sees it for the first time.
  • When Mouse Over
    Choose the animation to apply to the element when a visitor moves the mouse over it.

Each case gives you many animation choices.

pagefly element's general settings

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