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In this article, you will learn about another Shopify element named Product Vendor.

About Product Vendor element

The Product Vendor is designed to present the vendor (the provider of products) on your page in order to increase trust in the product source. The vendor, also known as a supplier, is an individual or company that sells goods or services. One kind of product can have many different vendors, and each vendor can provide different product quality and price. Sometimes, consumers will make their buying decision based on vendors rather than just price, therefore, displaying a Product Vendor element is somewhat important to sales.

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Product Vendor element configuration

  • Step 1: Click on the 2nd icon in the Element Catalog which is the Add Shopify element function
  • Step 2: Click on the Product Vendor element in the dropdown menu
  • Step 3: Drag and drop the element into the page editor and then start using it.

Note that you can search for this element by using the search function instead of finding it in the sidebar.

Product Vendor element configuration

This element comes with plenty of parameters allowing you to fine-tune content appearance for the best possible conversion rate.

To set up the Vendor in Shopify, go to the Shopify admin dashboard, then choose Products > All Products > choose a product you want. On the right side under the Organization option, choose a different option from the dropdown (this will include other vendor names previously/currently used) or type in a new label, add it and choose the Save button!

General configuration

When you drag and drop this element into the editor page. There are 2 choices in the Product Source option for you to choose from:
  • Auto
  • Custom Product

Note that if you are in the Product Page and use the Product Vendor element, then you can choose the Product Source option. However, if you are in a Regular Page and use this element, the Product Source option is disabled and the Custom Product is chosen by default.

If you choose Auto, then the product that was assigned when you created this product page will be displayed in the page editor. The Auto option is the default when you use the Product Vendor element.

Vendor Text: the name of the vendor will appear here by default.

You can get further information about ATTRIBUTES, VISIBILITY, ANIMATION parameters here

Styling configuration

You can get further information about OVERALL, SPACING, TYPOGRAPHY, BACKGROUND, BORDER, DISPLAY, CUSTOM CSS parameters here

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