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1. About YouTube Video ElementClick to copy

1.1. What is Youtube Video Element?Click to copy

YouTube Video Element is designed to make your page more attractive in order to increase your conversion rate. You can use this element to share a video on your website or blog.

You can check more details in the video tutorial below:

1.2. Where I can find YouTube Video Element?Click to copy

Step 1: Click on the Plus icon which is the Add element function

Step 2: Click on the YouTube Video element in the dropdown menu

Step 3: Drag and drop the element you want into the page editor and then start using it.

youtube element

2. Element ConfigurationClick to copy

The YouTube Video element comes with plenty of different parameters allowing you to fine-tune content appearance reaching the best possible conversion rate.

Select the YouTube Video element to see its parameters.

The parameters in the General and Styling tab are specific for this element.

General configurationClick to copy


2.1. YouTube Video URLClick to copy

The full URL of your YouTube video.

youtube element

2.2. Display RatioClick to copy

Select the video ratio display 4:3 or 16:9.

2.3. Video SizeClick to copy

Set the size for your video with 2 options: Full Width-100% Video Size or Custom size

youtube element

2.4. Video WidthClick to copy

Change video width ( it means that you are applying Custom size module when you edit this section)

youtube element

2.5. Show ControlsClick to copy

Show / Hide video uploader’s portrait.

youtube element

2.6. Enable LoopClick to copy

Video plays constantly non-stop in a loop.


youtube element

2.7. Enable AutoPlayClick to copy

Turn on / off the autoplay feature.

Please keep in mind that the autoplay function might not work in case:

  • If the user configured his browser to prevent that action or parameter “Mute Video” from being turned off.
  • If the users use the iPhone with Low Power Mode and access your website by Safari browser, the Enable Autoplay feature will be not activated.
youtube element

2.8. Mute VideoClick to copy

Turn on / off the video’s sound.

2.9. Custom Start and End TimeClick to copy

Start at: Customize your YouTube video start time.

End at: Customize your YouTube video end time.

youtube element

You can get further information about ATTRIBUTES, VISIBILITY, ANIMATION parameters here

3. Styling ConfigurationClick to copy

You can check more information about the Styling tab here

4. Important NoteClick to copy

  • Do not use the HTML Video element or “YouTube embedded” code, if you do that the video won’t be responsive on mobile/tablet devices. The embedded code has a fixed width dimension and it will break the responsive layout.
  • Keep in mind that the AutoPlay feature works only when the Mute feature is also enabled, due to YouTube’s new API about autoplay. AutoPlay also won’t work on tablet/mobile devices because of the default mobile operating systems.

5. Key TakeawaysClick to copy

YouTube Video Element is here to make your page more attractive, which helps to increase your conversion rate. You can use this element to share a video to your website or blog.

6. Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

6.1. What is Youtube Element?Click to copy

So, how to copy a video from Youtube? Youtube Video Element is the easy way to add your video into the Shopify Store by using URL, as then you can customize and style your Youtube Video Section in any way that you’d like!

6.2. Difference between HTML Video and Youtube Element?Click to copy

The HTML Video element allows you to upload videos directly to your Shopify store and use them on your PageFly pages. The YouTube Video element allows you to embed videos that have been published on YouTube on your PageFly pages.

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