YouTube, HTML Videos autoplay not working

When using PageFly, you can have an issue that YouTube or HTML Videos do not automatically play on mobile devices. In this article, we will run through some typical reasons for this issue.

This issue is unavoidable because it depends on your customer’s devices and behaviors.

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YouTube videos cannot autoplay on mobile devices (This is correct for background YouTube videos)

Please note that if you don’t publish the YouTube video, in the page editor, the video will not be displayed.

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  • On Safari browser, many customers turn on the Low Power Mode on their phones, this is the reason the HTML videos do not automatically play on mobile devices. This is the same with the Vimeo element, when the customers turn on the Lower Power Mode on their phones, Vimeo videos will not play automatically as well.
  • Many videos have format errors. MP4, WebM, and Ogg video formats are supported
  • You can show the Image Cover when the video does not autoplay on mobile, this affects positively on customer experience.

Video don’t play in liveview when Enable Autoplay is turned onClick to copy

When you turn on Enable Autoplay and the video doesn’t play in Live view, this might happen because the Mute video is not selected. Please note that the Autoplay function only works when you mute the video.

autoplay not work

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