How To Use Slider Revolution App With PageFly

About Slider RevolutionClick to copy

Slider Revolution helps you design various types of sliders, including image sliders, hero sliders, video sliders, collection sliders, and layer sliders. You can construct landing pages, front pages, coming soon pages, maintenance pages, 404 pages, and more.

Install Slider RevolutionClick to copy

Before using this element, you have to install the Slider Revolution app to your store and configure all options in the app, and then come back to PageFly to use the element on your PageFly pages.

Access Slider Revolution PageFlyClick to copy

Step 1: Go to Add third party elements in the left toolbar > Click on the Edit your 3rd party elements button.

Step 2: In the Integrations popup page, you can search “Slider Revolution” on the search bar.

Step 3: Click on the Slider Revolution element in the catalog.

Step 4: Drag and drop the element into your PageFly editor.

The Slider Revolution element only comes in 1 variation.


  • The Slider Revolution element can work on all page types, and it will inherit the settings/data from your Shopify Admin Setting.
  • You can use this element several times on a page.

ConfigurationClick to copy

PageFly’s SettingsClick to copy

General SettingsClick to copy

In the General tab, there is a widget configuration giving you a short explanation of the Slider Revolution Shopify app, and its link to the app listing.

You will need to add the embedded code from Slider Revolution app to see the element on the live view

Note that all configurations must be done in the Slider Revolution App.

Styling SettingsClick to copy

You can customize the styling of the Slider Revolution element in the Styling tab.

You can check more information about the Styling tab here.

Slider Revolution SettingsClick to copy

As mentioned above, you need to install the Slider Revolution app to your Shopify store and configure all settings in that app.

Step 1: Access Slider Revolution appClick to copy

From your Online store > Go to Apps > Select Slider Revolution app

Step 2: Create your slideClick to copy

From the Dashboard, go to Sliders and start creating your sliders.

Note that you can choose to create a New Blank Slider from scratch or using a New Slider from Template

Step 3: Edit your sliders with the App Configuration

From the Editor View, there are several settings from the Slider Revolution app that you can use to customize the slide as your design.

Add background image for slideClick to copy

In Editor view, click on the third icon on the top right which is the Slide option icon to upload the background image of your slide.

Then, in Background > Source > Type > select the image type that you want.

After that, you can add images from your Media library or Object library.

Add text for slideClick to copy

To add text for slide, you will need to click on the Add Layer button. Then choose the Text layer.

To change the text in the Text layer, click on the last icon on the top right which is Layer option icon > click on Content > change the text in the Text/Button Layer Content

To change the style of the text, change to Style layout. Here you can customize the Font & Icon, Background, Spacing and Border.

Add more slides on the sliderClick to copy

In the Editor view, click on the Slides icon > click Add slides to add more slides on the slider.

Step 4: Generate the embedded code for PageFly pagesClick to copy

After clicking on “Publish to Store”, you will see a popup with some options to use the Slider in

  • Theme Version 1.0
  • Theme Version 2.0
  • Page Builders
  • Embedded Global

To display the Slider Revolution on PageFly pages, please click on Page Builder and generate the embedded code.

Step 5: Display the Slider Revolution SlidersClick to copy

After pasting the embedded code into the Slider Revolution element, you will need to publish the page to see it in the live view.

Key TakeawaysClick to copy

Slider Revolution Shopify App lets you customize and showcase various types of sliders on your PageFly pages.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

OverviewClick to copy

When was the Slider Revolution App created?2019
How much is the Slider Revolution Shopify App?$6.99/month with the first 7-days free trial
Can I use the Slider Revolution element on the PageFly Editor?Yes

What is Slider Revolution?Click to copy

Slider Revolution Shopify App is designed to help you create different kinds of Shopify sliders, including images slider, hero slider, video slider, collection slider, and more.

What’s included in the Slider Revolution Pricing Plan?Click to copy

A Basic Slider Revolution Plan can create 1 slider. The higher plan includes all configuration options in the Basic plan, but allows merchants to create more sliders on their stores. With the Slider Revolution Enterprise plan, merchants can create up to 40 sliders.

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