How to use Enorm Image Gallery + Video in PageFly

By integrating Enorm Image Gallery + Video to PageFly, you can create eye-catching photo and video galleries without any coding skills.

Before starting, keep in mind that you need to install the app on the Shopify App Store first.

Install Enorm Image Gallery + Video

Install PageFly

In the page editor, follow these steps to access the Contact Form Builder element:

  • Step 1: In the PageFly editor, click “Add third-party element” on the left menu
  • Step 2: Click “Manage integrations” or the gear icon on top
  • Step 3: Search for “Enorm Image Gallery + Video” and enable it
  • Step 4: Click “Close” and the element will appear in the “Add third-party element” menu

access Enorm Image Gallery + Video

From PageFlyClick to copy

Step 1: Add Enorm App ElementClick to copy

Before starting to set up the Enorm Image Gallery + Video element, you will need to add this element to your page canvas:

  • Step 1: Click “Add third party element” on the left menu bar
  • Step 2: Look for the “Enorm Image Gallery + Video” element
  • Step 3: Click on the element to see its variant
  • Step 4: Drag and drop the variant onto the page canvas

add Enorm App element

Step 2: Configure Enorm App ElementClick to copy

Once you finish configuring options in the Enorm app, you can go to a PageFly page and use this element.

  • In the General tab, there is a widget configuration giving you a short explanation of the Enorm app and its link to app listing, and you can edit the Content, Visibility, Tracking, Attributes, and Animation of the product.

general configurations of Enorm App element

The app comes with two different elements:

  • Image Gallery – display photos from the gallery
  • Video Gallery – display videos from the gallery

  • In the Styling tab, can customize the Enorm Image Gallery + Video element.

styling configurations of Enorm App elementTo learn more about the Styling tab configurations, check out this article.

Hit Save & Publish to see the new change in the live view.

From the Shopify admin, click on Apps > Choose Enorm Image Gallery + Video

choose Enorm Image Gallery + Video

Step 1: In the Enorm Image Gallery + Video Dashboard, on the left sidebar, head to Image Gallery > Click on Create Gallery

Step 2: Add the title > Hit Submit

Step 3: Once you successfully create a new image gallery/video gallery, it’s time to upload your images/videos. You can also easily upload more images/videos and reorder them to fit your need.

create a new image gallery/video gallery

Step 1: Go to the Enorm Image Gallery + Video Dashboard > Choose Video Gallery > Select Create Gallery

Step 2: Add the title > Hit Submit

Step 3: With videos, you need to upload them manually. Choose Youtube, Vimeo, or Other > Paste the video URL > Write title/ description > Upload thumbnail (optional) > Click Submit.

  • Step 3: General SettingsClick to copy

There are two display modes – Popup Display and Inline Display that you can choose from. Customize however you want with lots of options from changing the background color, opacity, dimensions, image style, etc to optimizing for mobile screens.

  • Step 4: Style SettingsClick to copy

You can also fine-tune their looks with various types of configurations in the Style Settings tab.

  • Step 5: Install tab settingsClick to copy

In the Install tab, you can create an image/video gallery on any page just by selecting the page from the drop-down menu.

In another case, you can place a gallery on any section of your Shopify page just by pasting the embed code in the HTML/Liquid element.

Key TakeawaysClick to copy

Enorm App allows sellers to add elegant image gallery, to build photo and video albums of your products, which helps to increase sale and conversion rate.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

OverviewClick to copy

When was Enorm App Created?2017
How much is Enorm App?From $1.90/month
Can I use Enorm App on PageFly Editor?Yes

What is Enorm App?Click to copy

Enorm App is an easy way to add image gallery to build photo and video albums of your products, which helps to increase sale and conversion rate.

What Are Included in Enorm Plans?Click to copy

A free plan from Enorm App includes 1 Image and 1 Video gallery, Up to 10 images, Tons of settings to customize, Hover effects, Light box Popup, Captions, Links along with customizable branding elements.

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