Set up LimeSpot Personalizer Element with PageFly

What is Personalizer by LimeSpot elementClick to copy

LimeSpot Personalizer elements are designed to display recommended product widgets in order to upsell and cross-sell your products and, thus, boost your store conversion rate. The Personalizer by LimeSpot element may be used to present handpicked upsell and cross-sell products for a specific product and data-based recommendations.

Before using this element, you must install the Personalizer by LimeSpot App, configure all options in this app, and then return to PageFly to use the element(s) for the corresponding product(s) you want.

Note that for the correct components to appear in PageFly pages, you must enable the preferred widgets for each page type in the Personalizer by LimeSpot app.

How to use LimeSpot PersonalizerClick to copy

To use this element, LimeSpot Personalizer app has to be installed on your Shopify store.

Access Personalizer by LimeSpot elementClick to copy

Step 1: In your PageFly Dashboard, head to the Integrations section > search for LimeSpot Personalizer > Enable LimeSpot Personalizer element.

Step 2: Open the PageFly page editor. LimeSpot Personalizer’s element will be called Personalizer by LimeSpot and will be categorized in the Upsell & Cross Sell category. Drag and drop this element into your page editor now.

Step 3: Click on Personalizer by LimeSpot element in the dropdown menu

Step 4: Select the variant you want then drag and drop it to the editor page

Personalizer by LimeSpot elements come in 12 variations:

  • Most Popular
  • You May Like
  • Recently Viewed
  • Trending
  • New Arrivals
  • Featured Collection (4)
  • Cross-sell (available on the Product page only)
  • Bought together (available on the Product page only)
  • Related Items (available on the Product page only)
  • Personalizer by LimeSpot elements configuration

Personalizer by LimeSpot element variation for Product pagesClick to copy

Note that some of the element variations only work on Product Pages type:

  • Cross-sell
  • Bought Together
  • Related Items

In the Product page, Personalizer by LimeSpot elements will depend on the chosen products you select in your Page Settings modal.

You can read more here about the parameters in the General tab.

Once you drag the element into the Editor, it will pull all product recommendations of the assigned product on your live page.

Note that one page allows only one element of each type.

ConfigurationClick to copy

PageFly’s settingsClick to copy

When you finish configuring options in the Personalizer by LimeSpot app, you can go to a PageFly page and use this element.

General settingsClick to copy

In the General tab, there is a widget configuration giving you a short explanation of the Personalizer by LimeSpot app and its link to app listing, and you can edit the Visibility, Attributes, and Animation of the product

Styling settingsClick to copy

You can customize the styling of the Personalizer by LimeSpot element in the Styling Tab.

You can check more information about the Styling tab here.

Personalizer by LimeSpot elements for other page typesClick to copy

All variants are available for: Home pages, Product pages, Collection pages, Regular pages, Blog posts.

You can read more about the parameters in the General tab. Once you drag the element into the Editor, it will pull all product recommendations of the assigned product on your live page.

Finally, hit Publish and see the result on your live page.

You can check the video tutorial below:

How to avoid the 3rd Party Elements Do Not Work in PageFly #1 Shopify Page Builder

Frequently Asked Questions

OverviewClick to copy

How much is LimeSpot? Starting from $15/ month
Who created the LimeSpot? Pantastic
What is the main function of LimeSpot? Personalized Shopping

What is LimeSpot?Click to copy

LimeSpot Personalizer is an intelligent data-driven personalization platform, as sellers can optimize for their onsite merchandising, by delivering 1:1 personalized shopping experiences on all platforms, including web, mobile, email and SMS.

Benefits of using LimeSpot PersonalizerClick to copy

  • Product recommendations for all pages, including cart, checkout and thank you pages.
  • Segmentation based on browsing and purchase patterns, referrals and location…
  • Real-time personalized content during sessions for different users
  • Automate merchandising, heading to products for cross-sell purpose.
  • Split or multivariate test personalized element on your site

How to use LimeSpot personalizer with PageFly?Click to copy

Enable LimeSpot Personalizer element in the ‘LimeSpot Personalizer’ – under the Intergration, with minimal coding required.

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