How to use SocialWidget by OneCommerce with PageFly

About SocialWidget – InstafeedClick to copy

What is SocialWidget by OneCommerce?Click to copy

Socialwidget helps improve your conversions and store trust by letting you add splendid shoppable Instagram galleries and TikTok videos on your Shopify online store.

You can customize & tag products on your feed to let customers make a purchase right on your Instagram and TikTok feed.

Install SocialWidget by OneCommerceClick to copy

Important: To use this element, you must first install the app in your Shopify store and configure all of its options. Once you have done that, you can return to PageFly and use the element on any of your PageFly pages.

PLEASE NOTE: This element only works in the live view

Access Socialwidget – Instagram Feed ElementClick to copy

Step 1: Access to your PageFly page editor. On the right panel, go to the Add third party elements, and then click on the Setting icon.

(If you haven’t added any integration before, click on the Edit your 3rd party element.)

Step 2: An Integrations modal will pop up. In the search box, input Instagram Feed, Story & TikTok. Switch the toggle to the right to add the app.

Step 3: Click the Instagram Feed, Story & TikTok element in the slide-out menu. Then drag and drop it to the editor page.

PageFly ConfigurationClick to copy

You can customize the styling of the Instagram Feed, Story & TikTok element in the Styling Tab.

You can check more information about the Styling tab here.

Save & publish the page, you can check the work in the live view.

Step 1: Create Media SourcesClick to copy

  • On the Socialwidget – Instagram Feed dashboard, go to Media Sources tab
  • Next, click on the + Add new source. A modal will appear, click on Connect to link to your wanted Instagram account (Personal/ Business Account). Name your media source and hit Save.

Step 2: Create A GalleryClick to copy

Next step is go to the Gallery tab, select Add new gallery (Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, Tiktok). Name your gallery, then Choose one or multiple media sources and hit Save.

Step 3: Create A New WidgetClick to copy

The last step is to go to the Widget tab, click on Create widget (Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, Tiktok). There are 3 stages in this step:

  • Choose gallery
  • Customize widget
  • Install widget

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the Install widget step, you can only choose ONE page to apply to feed.

You can follow the in-app guidelines orderly to complete the setup process depending on your preference.

Here’s the beautifully section on the live view:

Key TakeawaysClick to copy

SocialWidget is an easy way to embed shoppable Instagram feeds & TikTok videos, as it works completely fine with PageFly.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

OverviewClick to copy

When was SocialWidget by OneCommerce App Created? 2020
How Much is SocialWidget by OneCommerce? From $9.90/ month
Can I use SocialWidget App on PageFly Editor? Yes

What is SocialWidget by OneCommerce?Click to copy

SocialWidget is an easy way to embed shoppable Instagram feeds & TikTok videos. This is the best way to build social proof, grow sales and of course the follower list.

What Are Included in the Free Plan?Click to copy

A free plan from SocialWidget includes Instagram Personal and Instagram Business, Media Source, Gallery, Widget, Desktop Template, Mobile Template, and it’s auto-sync every 24 hours.

Who are currently in partnership with SocialWidget App?Click to copy

Instagram, TikTok

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