How to use Gorgias with PageFly

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What Is Gorgias?Click to copy

Feeling overwhelmed by customer chats, emails, and calls? Gorgias streamlines it all. This app combines all your support channels into one inbox, plus it pulls in customer data for personalized service. AI helps automate tasks, so you can focus on happy customers (and growing your business!).


Install GorgiasClick to copy

Before using this element in PageFly, you have to install the Gorgias app to your store and configure all options in the app.

How To Access Gorgias ElementClick to copy

In page editor, follow these steps to access Gorgias element:

  • Step 1: In the PageFly editor, click “Add third-party element” on the left menu
  • Step 2: Click “Manage integrations” or the gear icon on top
  • Step 3: Search for “Gorgias” and enable it
  • Step 4: Click “Close” and the element will appear in the “Add third-party element” menu


How To Configure Gorgias ElementClick to copy

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Important note
  • One element can be used one time on a page
  • The element works on all page types

Step 1: Add Gorgias ElementClick to copy

Before starting to set up for the Gorgias element, you will need to add this element onto your page canvas:

  • Step 1: Click “Add third party element” on the left menu bar
  • Step 2: Look for “Gorgias Help Center” element
  • Step 3: Click on the element to see its variant
  • Step 4: Drag and drop the variant onto the page canvas


The Gorgias comes with 2 elements:

  • Help Center
  • Contact Form

Step 2: Configure Gorgias ElementClick to copy

  • After adding the Gorgias element to the Editor, on the right sidebar, you’ll see the General tab. Right below is the code box where you have to paste a line of ID from Gorgias.


  • For styling options like margins, borders, and effects, go to the “Styling” tab. You can find more details about the available options here.


From Gorgias AppClick to copy

Step 1: Add Help CenterClick to copy

From Dashboard > Open Settings > Help center > Click on Create Help center


Step 2: Set Up The BasicsClick to copy

Fill in all the information are required here > Click on Create & Customize


Step 3: Add Your BrandingClick to copy

You can add logo image, customize accent color, Main font and layout for the help center here > Click Next:


Step 4: Add ArticlesClick to copy

Click on the default content to customize it to fit your content and select the articles to appear in the help center.


Step 5: Publish The Help Center And Get The CodeClick to copy

After finishing setting the help center, you can publish it > open Manually embed with code to get the code here. And back to PageFly page editor to paste the code:


To set up a Contact form element, you can set up with the same steps above.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

Does Gorgias Offer A Free Plan?Click to copy

Yes, you have a 7-day free trial.

Can I Use This Element On All Page Types?Click to copy

Yes, this element can work on all page type but just one time on a page.

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