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About Appointo – Appointment Booking AppClick to copy

What Is Appointo – Appointment Booking App?Click to copy

Appointo, also called SidePanda – Appointment Booking, is a booking tool that works with your Shopify store. It simplifies the process of setting up appointments for services, classes, or events, making it ideal for businesses like salons, tutors, and event planners.

This tool helps prevent double-bookings and streamlines your scheduling, ensuring a smooth operation. Additionally, Appointo offers features like automated emails and texts for reminders, booking confirmations, rescheduling, cancellations, and collecting customer feedback. This article will help provide instructions on how to use the Appointo app with your PageFly pages.

Install Appointment Booking AppClick to copy

Appointment Booking App must be installed on your Shopify store, in order to use this element.

How To Access Appointo – Appointment Booking AppClick to copy

From PageFly DashboardClick to copy

In PageFly dashboard, follow these steps to access Appointo:

  • Step 1: Click on Extra functions on the left sidebar.
  • Step 2: Click Manage button next to the Integration
  • Step 3: Search for “Appointment Booking App” and hit the Activate button.

access Appointo - Appointment Booking App

From PageFly Page EditorClick to copy

In page editor, follow these steps to access Appointo:

  • Step 1: In the PageFly page editor, click Add third-party element on the left toolbar.
  • Step 2: Click Manage integrations or the gear icon on top.
  • Step 3: Search for “Appointment Booking App” and enable it.
  • Step 4: Click Close and the element will appear in the Add third-party element menu.

access Appointo - Appointment Booking App

How To Configure Settings For AppointoClick to copy

Step 1: Add Your Product (Appointment) and Configure in AppointoClick to copy

  1. Go to Shopify Admin, navigate to the Appointo menu. Then select Appointments > Add Products > Tick the box beside the product you wish to add, and click Save.

add product in Appointo - Appointment Booking

  1. To configure product details: Find the product you added and click on the Edit button.

  1. Now you can configure settings for your product:
  • If all variants of the product have the same settings, check the box for “All the variants have exactly the same configuration”. If they differ, you’ll set each one individually.

  • To configure variant details, move to Variant Configuration for the following settings and click Save when you finish configuring.
Basic: Setting fundamental aspects of how your appointments will work.
  • Appointment Duration: Choose how long each session should be.
  • Scheduling Cutoff: Decide how far in advance customers need to book or cancel an appointment.
  • Time Increments: Set how often available slots appear in your schedule.
  • Member Allocation: Assign which member or resource will be used for the appointment.
  • Add Preparation Time: Add time you need before an appointment to set up.
  • Add Time After Booking: Add time you need after an appointment for cleanup or preparation for the next client.
  • Meeting Venue / Appointment Mode: Indicate where the appointment will take place.
  • Timezone: Scheduling appointments in the right time zone for your business.
  • Date Range: Select how far into the future you want your schedule to be open for bookings.
  • Internal Calendar Color: Choose a color for this type of appointment on your internal calendar.
Availability: Setting up your weekly availability and special dates.
  • Activate Surge Pricing: Toggle this if you want to charge different rates at different times.
  • Use Custom Hours: Turn this on to set specific hours for appointments, different from your general business hours.
  • Set Your Weekly Hours: Choose the days and times you’re available for appointments each week.
  • Copy Hours: If your availability is the same for multiple days, set it for one day and use this button to copy it to others.
  • Add Date Overrides: Click here to set special availability for specific dates, like holidays or events.
availability settings of appointo
Advanced: Enhancing the functionality of your booking process
  • How many invitees you want per slot? (Group Appointments): Set the number of customers that can book the same time slot. Useful for group sessions.
  • Allow Customers To Reschedule Booking
  • Allow Customers To Cancel Booking
  • Allow Waitlist after slots are filled
  • Send Email Reminder (Pro Plan)
  • Send Text Reminder (Pro Plan)
  • Send WhatsApp Reminder (Pro Plan)
advanced settings of appointo
Customer Questions: Ask relevant questions for your appointmentcustomer questions
Add Ons: Set relevant products with your service.
Workflows: Send customized notifications to customers, owner or team members.

Step 2: Add Appointment Booking To Your PageFly PageClick to copy

  1. In the PageFly editor, click Add third-party applications.
  2. Choose Appointment Booking App.
  3. Click on the Appointment Booking element on the right panel.
  4. Drag and drop the element into the specific area of the product page where you want it to appear.

add Appointment Booking to your PageFly page

Important Note: The Appointment Booking App element only works once used on the Product page and inside the Product Details element. You can only use this element one time on each product page.

Step 3: Configure Settings in PageFlyClick to copy

Select the booking appointment element you’ve added and navigate to the General/Styling tab for configurations:

Step 3.1 General SettingsClick to copy

  • Widget Configuration: Here you adjust the basic settings of the booking widget.  For comprehensive options, refer to the settings area of the Appointment Booking App app.
  • Visibility, Attribute & Animation: Read more about these settings here.

general settings of appointo

Step 3.2 Styling SettingsClick to copy

  • Customize the appearance of the booking element in your PageFly page with options for spacing, border, and opacity.
  • For specific style requirements, you can enter custom CSS code.

styling settings of appointo

Common CaseClick to copy

Cannot Add The Appointment Book Element To PageFlyClick to copy

When adding the Appointment Book element by Appointo to PageFly, you might notice the error “This element only works on a Product page and inside product details elements”.

This error occurs because the Appointment Book element is designed to interact with product-specific details, which are only present on a product page within the Product Details element.

To resolve this issue and prevent it from happening again:

  • Make sure you’re editing a product page when you want to add the Appointo booking element.
  • Place the Appointo element inside the Product Details section to ensure it can access the necessary product information.
  • Note that you can only use the booking element once on each product page to avoid confusion and errors.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

What Plans Does Appointo Offer And How Do They Differ?Click to copy

Appointo offers 2 pricing plans: 2-week free trial and Pro plan subscription.

How Does Appointo Integrate With PageFly?Click to copy

Appointo integrates with PageFly through a widget that you can drag and drop onto your product pages.

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