How to Use Appointo with PageFly

In this article, you’ll learn about the Appointo – Appointment Booking App element and how to use it.

1. About Appointment Booking – AppointoClick to copy

1.1. What is Appointo?Click to copy

Appointment Booking – Appointo Shopify App allows customers to book a single/multiple-day appointment with you. You can also set up automated emails/texts for reminders, booking confirmations, rescheduling, cancellation, thank you and feedback for your customers and much more.

Before using this element, you have to install the Appointment Booking App to your store, configure all options in the app, and then come back to PageFly to use the element on your PageFly product pages.

With the Appointment Booking App element integrated into PageFly product page(s), it will display as a button for customers to click on and be directed to pop up to book an appointment.

1.2. Access Appointo – Appointment Booking App elementClick to copy

Appointment Booking App must be installed on your Shopify store, in order to use this element.

1.3. Access the Appointment Booking App elementClick to copy

Step 1: Go to Add third party elements in the left toolbar > Click on the Edit your 3rd party elements button.

Step 2: In the Integrations popup page, you can search “Appointment Booking App” on the search bar.

Step 3: Click on the Appointment booking element in the dropdown menu.

Step 4: Drag and drop the Appointment booking element on the canvas.

The SidePanda – Appointment Booking element comes with one variant:

  • Appointment Booking

2. PageFly ConfigurationClick to copy

2.1. General tabClick to copy

After adding the Appointment Booking App to the Editor, on the right sidebar, you’ll see the General tab.

NOTE: The Appointment Booking App element only works once used on the Product page and inside the Product Details element. You can only use this element one time on each product page.

​​​​For the full widget configuration, please go to the settings area of the Appointment Booking ‑ Appointo application.

2.2. Styling tabClick to copy

You can customize the styling of the Appointment Booking element in the Styling tab.

You can get further information about ATTRIBUTES, VISIBILITY, ANIMATION parameters here.

That’s it! Don’t forget to Save and Publish your product page to see the element on your PageFly page.

3. Appointment Booking App’s SettingsClick to copy

To configure the options in Appointment Booking App, visit your Shopify Admin and open the Appointment Booking App. If you just install the app, the interface will look like the image below.

Once you select the Timezone, click on Get Started. You can follow the steps in their guide to set up your appointments.

After all configurations are done, please go back to the PageFly page editor to drag and drop the element onto the canvas.

4. Key TakeawaysClick to copy

Appointo is an Appointment booking software which aims to save time, accelerate appointment sales, and improve service quality, as it helps sellters send emails, texts and WhatsApp messages to your customers. Appointo also supports Group Appointments and Multi-Day events.

5. Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

5.1. OverviewClick to copy

When was Appointment Booking by Appointto created?202
How much is Appointo?10$/ month
Can I use Appointo on PageFly?Yes
Main Appointo DeveloperSidepanda Inc.

5.2. What is Appointo?Click to copy

Appointo is an appointment booking software, which aims to save time and accelerate appointment sales.

5.3. What’s included in the Appointo Plan?Click to copy

A minimal free plan from Appointo Includes 1 Product, Email Notifications, Block Unavailable Dates, Multi Language Support, Automated Subscription Booking and Mobile App Utility.

5.4. What are the benefits of using Appointo?Click to copy

By using Appointo, sellers will be supported with lots of functions, including sending emails texts and WhatsApp messages to all customers. The app also supports Group Appointments and Multi-Day events. Sellers could ask questions before the actual booking, also to manage your bookings from our Android/iOS app. Finally, Appointo supports POS and integrates with Google, Outlook calendars and Zoom.

5.5. Who are Appointo partners?Click to copy

Shopify POS, Calendly, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Zoom, Calendar

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