Creating a password page

Important: This feature is only available on the Premium plan

In this article, you’ll learn how to create a password page and customize its design with PageFly.

Step 1: Activate password feature

First, activate the password feature by going to Shopify dashboard > Online Store > Preferences > Password protection.
Check Enable password box > Type in a password (and a message for visitors) > hit Save.

password page 1

Step 2: Create a password page

There are 2 ways to create a password page:

  • In the PageFly main dashboard
  • In the Password Pages main dashboard

In the PageFly main dashboard

You can quickly create a password page by selecting one of two options:

  1. (+) icon
  2. [ Create a page ] button

password page 2

There will be a Page Settings modal pop up. To create a new password page, choose the Password option in the Page Details section like the image below.

password page 2

In the Password Pages main dashboard

Choose the Password Pages option in the PAGES menu to open the Password Pages main dashboard. In the Password Pages main dashboard, click Create a password page.

password page 3

Then, a Page Settings modal will pop up. However, this way, the Password Page option is automatically chosen for you in the Page Details section. It means that you don’t have to choose the Password option as shown the first way.

password page 4

Storefront Password

The Storefront Password section is displayed when you choose the Password Page

password page 6

  • Enable: Provide a way to let visitors access your store by entering password
  • Disable: Only show content of the password page

Page Optimization

The Page Optimization part which configures settings for optimization of your page. This is a new setting available with PageFly version 2.5.0.
You can choose to Enable the Lazyload Images for any page you want. For the page(s) you set up Lazyload Images on, when you scroll down, the images below will be loaded gradually. It is applied for all the images such as Collection Image, Background Image, Product Image, etc.

The Lazyload Images option helps to optimize your page loading speed. It helps your pages load super fast.

password page 7

When you finish setting up in the Page Settings modal, click on the Next button at the end of the modal, then Template Library is opened, where you can pick a suitable page template to start with.

password page 8

The Template Library will open as per the image below.

You can start out quickly with one of our templates by navigating to the template type > choose Password > pick 1 of the 3 password templates and click on the Next button.

If you want to start from scratch, go back to All types and choose the Blank option. You are now free to let your creativity run wild.

This is how the live password page looks with the option checked. The style of the password button is dictated by the theme that you are using, not PageFly.

If you don’t want users to be able to enter a password, then go back to the Page Settings modal by clicking on the Page Title. In the Page Layout section, choose the Disable option, then click on the Save button.

The button to view the page with a password has been removed.

Step 3: Check mobile design

To check if the page is responsive on mobile, go to menu bar > choose Mobile from Device Switcher.

Remember to hit Save & Publish when you’re done with your masterpiece!

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