Upload Files to PageFly Page to Improve Contents Performance

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Easily add files to your PageFly pages to improve content performance and make the files available for visitors to download. This guide outlines the steps to upload and link files to your PageFly pages quickly and effectively.

This video tutorial will guide you on how to upload a downloadable PDF file to PageFly pages:

RequirementsClick to copy

  • File Size Limit: Keep each file under 20Mb to meet Shopify’s size restrictions.
  • File Types: Ensure your file type is supported by Shopify: PNG, JPEG, PSD, TIFF, BMP, GIF, SVG, HEIC, and WebP.

How To Upload Files To A PageFly Page?Click to copy

Quickly upload files to a PageFly page by following these steps:

Step 1: Access Files SectionClick to copy

From the Shopify Admin, select Content > Files.

Step 2: Upload Files To Shopify ServerClick to copy

Upload your files here using the Upload files button.

Note: Each file must be smaller than 20Mb to be uploaded, this is Shopify’s limit.

Step 3: Copy The File URLClick to copy

When the file is uploaded, copy its URL to be used in the next step.

Step 4: Use Files On A PageFly PageClick to copy

Now your file is ready on Shopify, easily add it to your PageFly page. You can use it with a Button, as a link in text, or show it in an Image.

1: Make File Downloadable Via A ButtonClick to copy

  • Select a Button element on your page.

  • Go to General tab > Action, then choose the first icon named Go to URL of the Click Action option like the image below.

  • Paste your files’ link in the URL box of the pop-out URL Picker modal. Then, hit the Select button.

  • Select the whole Paragraph or a specific piece of text that you would want to turn into the hyperlink.
  • Go ahead to the General tab. With the styling tab in the Paragraph text option, click the Insert link icon.

  • Paste the file’s URL you got from the previous step. Click Save.

Now, clicking this text downloads the file to the customer’s device.

3: Use Directly As Page ContentClick to copy

Since PageFly doesn’t allow any image that is larger than 2MB to be uploaded and used, you can use the Shopify server to host these large images and paste the URL into the page instead.

  • Choose the Image element.
  • Go to General tab > CONTENT > Image Source, then click Image Manager.

  • Click Add from URL.

  • Paste the URL of the Shopify file into this box. Click Select.

Then you can choose the image you just uploaded and show the image on the page editor.

You can do the same with the Background image element.

For more information about Shopify File Requirements and types.

If you don’t want to host your file on the Shopify server, upload your file to other hosting servers like Google Drive or Dropbox, and follow the same steps as above to link it on your PageFly page!

Use CasesClick to copy

  • Product Manuals: Add PDF manuals to product pages for easy customer access.
  • Promotions: Ideal for using flyers or brochures to highlight new products.
  • Learning Stuff: Share eBooks or articles for free to teach customers.
  • Events: Provide forms and schedules on your event page for easy download.

Tips And Best PracticeClick to copy

  • Optimize File Sizes: Compress files to speed up page loads without quality loss.
  • Name Files Clearly: Use names that tell what’s in the file. Descriptive names help users and improve SEO.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

Why Can’t I Upload A File Larger Than 20MB?Click to copy

Shopify limits file size to 20MB to keep sites fast. Try making your file smaller or use another service to host it.

My File Won’t Upload. What Should I Do?Click to copy

Make sure it’s not too big and in a format Shopify accepts. If it still won’t upload, try again later or reach out to Shopify support.

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