Page Size Limit

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Summary: This guide shows how to efficiently navigate the Page Size Limit error in PageFly Page Builder. This error occurs when a page exceeds Shopify’s 256KB limit due to too many nested elements.

Page Size Limit

RequirementsClick to copy

  • Access to tools for media files (image and video) optimization.
  • Familiarity with PageFly Advanced Page Builder functions, including creating pages and editing elements.

How To Fix The Page Size Limit Error In PageFlyClick to copy

To prevent the “Page Size Limit” error from happening, check out the tips below:

Removing Unnecessary Elements In Your PageFly PageClick to copy

To remove unnecessary elements from your PageFly page, simply use the element toolbar. Select the element you wish to remove, click the Delete button in the element toolbar or press Delete on your keyboard.

Optimizing Media FilesClick to copy

Reduce The File SizeClick to copy

Compress the image and video size by using tools like:

Follow these steps to use those compressor tools:

  1. Upload or drag your file into the tool.
  2. Select compression level if available
  3. Download the optimized file and re-added to your PageFly page

Choose The Right Image File FormatClick to copy

Here’s a step-by-step guide to choosing the right image format:

  1. Identify image type (photo, screenshot or graphic)
  2. Choose format for your image:
  • For Photos: Use JPG for a balance of color richness and file size.
  • For Screenshots: PNG is best for clarity and supports transparency.
  • For Graphics: Choose SVG for crisp visuals regardless of scaling.

If issues persist after these optimizations, contact PageFly support via in-app chat for assistance.

Use CasesClick to copy

  • Designing a High-Image Content Page: When your page includes many high-quality images, optimize and choose the right formats to stay within the size limit.
  • Revamping a Landing Page: Reducing the file sizes of images and videos on a feature-rich landing page to improve load times without exceeding PageFly’s page size limit.

Tips And Best PracticesClick to copy

  • Prioritize Content: Focus on essential elements. Regularly review your page to remove or consolidate information and visuals not directly contributing to user goals.
  • Optimize Media: Always compress images, GIFs, and videos before uploading.
  • Use External Hosting: For heavy content like large videos, consider hosting them externally (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo) and embedding them in your PageFly pages to save on page size.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

Can I Compress HTML, CSS, And JavaScript In PageFly To Reduce Page Size?Click to copy

Yes, PageFly allows for the optimization of these elements either manually or through settings to keep your page size within Shopify’s recommended limits.

What Is The File Size Limit For Shopify?Click to copy

Shopify’s file size limit for individual uploads through the admin interface is 20 MB.

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