Limit image size

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Summary: When using PageFly Page Builder on Shopify, uploading images larger than 20MB may result in an error due to exceeding the maximum data limit per page. This issue can cause long loading times or prevent the image from uploading altogether. This article guides you on how to effectively limit image sizes to avoid those problems

Limit image size

RequirementsClick to copy

  • Basic Understanding of Image Sizes: Knowledge of image dimensions and file size impacts on web performance.
  • Image Optimization Tools: Access to image optimization tools like for resizing and compressing images.

How To Fix “Limit Image Sizes” Error In PageFlyClick to copy

To prevent errors while uploading your images to PageFly pages, follow these tips:

Choose Another ImageClick to copy

Select an image that naturally complies with Shopify’s 20MB size limit. Opt for images that are close to this size to minimize the need for compression and preserve the image’s quality.

Compress Your ImageClick to copy

You can use the same image, but ensure to compress its size to under 20MB by following these steps:

  1. Select a reliable image optimization tool like TinyPNG, or ImageOptim.
  2. Upload your image into the chosen tool.
  3. Choose compression level (this step may not be available in some tools)
  4. Apply compression settings to reduce the file size below 20MB. Aim for a balance between file size and image quality.
  5. Save the optimized image to your device.
  6. Upload the optimized image to your PageFly page

If issues persist, please contact the PageFly support team through the in-app live chat available 24/7 for assistance.

Use CaseClick to copy

  • Homepage Design: Optimize hero images and banners to stay under the 20MB limit to ensure fast uploads and swift page loads.
  • Product Galleries: Keep high-resolution product images below 20MB to prevent upload errors and maintain quick loading times while preserving detail.

Tips And Best PracticesClick to copy

  • Batch Process Images: Use tools that compress multiple images at once to save time and keep image quality consistent across your site.
  • Monitor Image Dimensions: Only use images as large as needed for their purpose to help keep file sizes small.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

Does The Dimension Of The Image Affect Its File Size?Click to copy

Yes, larger dimensions typically result in larger file sizes; reducing dimensions can help keep the file size manageable.

Does PageFly Have an Image Size Limit?Click to copy

PageFly itself does not impose a limit, but it recommends keeping image file sizes under Shopify’s 20MB limit to avoid upload issues and maintain site performance.

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