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Sometimes, while editing your page, you might see this message: “You already added one element in the page”. In this article, we’ll demonstrate how you can fix this problem.

How To Fix Limit Elements On A Page Issue?Click to copy

This issue can happen due to you exceeding the limited number of elements that are allowed on each page. With some specific elements, you can only use one per page or they will collide with other elements and not work properly.

Limit Elements On A Page Issue

You can delete the existing element and replace it, or if you only need to change its location, just select the element and move it to the desired location in the layout.

  • Step 1: Select the existing element and click trash bin icon to delete

  • Step 2: Re-select the element and place it in the desired location on the page

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  • Ensure not to exceed the one element limit per page to avoid conflicts.
  • If necessary, delete the existing element before adding a new one.

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