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In this article, you will learn about PageFly page and unpublished Shopify themes.

Viewing PageFly page in theme preview mode

By default, PageFly doesn’t support the theme preview mode. So it is technically not possible to see your page that is built with PageFly in this mode. Here is what PageFly page will look like on an unpublished Shopify theme.

unpublish theme

In reality, the page is supposed to look like this:unpublish theme

Publishing the theme and sync your PageFly pages

In order to see your PageFly pages with a Shopify theme thats different from your current theme,  you must publish the new theme first. You can do that inside Shopify Admin > Online Store > Theme > Actions > Publish.

unpublish theme

Once published, all your PageFly pages will be migrated to the new theme automatically after a short period of time, which can vary depending on how many pages you have built with PageFly and how complicated they are. 


If you can’t see your PageFly pages on a new theme after waiting for more than 10-15 minutes, please Save & Publish each of your PageFly page again. Some themes don’t support the automatic migration of the previous theme’s data.

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