Can’t create theme.pagefly.liquid

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In this article, you will learn how to fix the issue “Failed to create a simplified layout at Shopify”.

This error happens when PageFly cannot create a theme.pagefly.liquid file inside the theme folder of the Shopify theme.

The reason for this error is that your network is running unstably or has failed.

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Step 1: Access Your Shopify ThemeClick to copy

After logging into your Shopify store, go to Online Store > Themes > 3 dots > Edit code as seen in the image below.

Step 2: Add A New Layout Of The Layout FileClick to copy

In the Layout file, click Add a new layout option like the image below.

  • In the Duplicate file field, select theme.pagefly.liquid

  • In the File name field, type in the name you want for this new layout. For example, “test

  • Click Done

There is an ‘Add a new layout’ box opened after you choose this option.

When you finish, you will receive a notification “Asset created

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What Is The ‘Failed To Create A Simplified Layout At Shopify’ Error?Click to copy

This error occurs when PageFly cannot create a theme.pagefly.liquid file in the Shopify theme folder due to an unstable network or failure.

How Do I Access My Shopify Theme To Fix The Issue ‘Failed To Create A Simplified Layout At Shopify’?Click to copy

Log into your Shopify store, navigate to Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit code.

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