PageFly Page List Won’t Stop Loading

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In this article, you will know about the loading error on the page list that you can meet sometimes when you go to the page list of any PageFly page type.

This article will give you some main solutions to fix this error.

You can see the error with the image depicted below

Here are the 5 ways you should follow if you have this error on your page

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  • Option 1: Check The Internet ConnectionClick to copy

In this situation, you’d better check your device’s connection to your local network, or try to restart your router and modem.

  • Option 2: Turn Off Enable Theme StylingClick to copy

When you face loading issues, check if the Enable Theme Styling is on or not. If yes, please turn this function off to fix the issue.

  • Option 3: Clear Cache Of The BrowserClick to copy

You can check this article to know how to clear the cache & cookies on Chrome.

  • Option 4: Open PageFly In An Incognito Window Or On Other BrowsersClick to copy

Opening PageFly in an incognito window is another way to test whether the page list can be loaded or not.

Even though we highly recommend that you should use Chrome for the best experience when using PageFly, in this case, you can try to use other browsers such as Safari or Firefox.

  • Option 5: Disable Any Ad Blocker ExtensionsClick to copy

AdBlock extensions can interfere with PageFly’s processes. So if you have tried the first 4 ways and the error still happens, you should check your ad blocker extensions.

You can check this article to know how to turn off Chrome’s ad blocker.

If the problem persists, contact the PageFly Support Team via the live-chat built into the app and they’ll be happy to help you solve your issue.

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  • Contact PageFly support: If none of the above solutions work, the issue might be more complex. In that case, visit PageFly Help Center and contact PageFly Support Team directly through the live chat built into the app

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What Is “Enable Theme Styling” And Why Might It Cause Problems?Click to copy

Theme Styling on the PageFly editor is a function that helps you ensure that your editor on PageFly will not conflict with your theme. In some cases, turning Theme Styling on may lead to a blank screen. The reason might be a conflict with the theme based on some other element that you’ve installed on your page. For more information, please visit this article.

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