How to use Slideshow list item Layout type with PageFly

About Slideshow Layout TypeClick to copy

This slideshow layout type allows you to easily organize your content into a list of slides, which you can customize to create a unique and visually appealing layout for your pages. Each item in the list can be a slide, or it can be a group of slides.


What Element can use Slideshow Layout Type on PageFlyClick to copy

With PageFly version 4.7.0, we released a slideshow function for all list elements. Please note that to use this function, you will need to add a new element into the page editor.

All the settings for this layout type are the same as on slideshow element. This layout type is applied for these following elements:



Content List

Examples and Benefits of Slideshow Layout TypeClick to copy

You can use this slideshow function for the product list.

Here are some of the benefits of using a slideshow function for product list element:

  • Improved visual appeal: This can be a great way to improve the visual appeal of a product list and make it easier for users to browse through the products.
  • Increased engagement: A slideshow function can help to increase customers’ engagement on your product list page. Users are more likely to spend time browsing through a slideshow than a traditional list of product images.
  • Improved conversion rates: A slideshow function can help to improve conversion rates on your page. This is because customers are more likely to purchase products that they have seen and engaged with in a slideshow.

FAQsClick to copy

What is a slideshow list item function?Click to copy

A slideshow list item function is a way to display multiple items in a single section, with the ability to scroll through the items at the user’s pace.

Why is it important to use a slideshow list item function?Click to copy

It can improve the visual appeal of your page.

How can I change my current elements to this type?Click to copy

You can add new elements into the PageFly page editor to archive this function.

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