How to export and import PageFly pages and sections

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In this article, you’ll learn how to export and import PageFly pages and sections in .pagefly format to be used in different stores. It means that you can export PageFly pages/sections from a store and then import them to other stores. This helps you to save loads of time for building and redesigning your pages.

However, you can only use this function to export a page from a store and import it to other stores that use PageFly.

Check this video tutorial about importing/exporting pages and sections in PageFly:

RequirementsClick to copy

When you export/import pages and sections across multiple stores, all the stores must use PageFly. Additionally, you can export/import both published and unpublished pages.

How To Export PageFly Page(S)Click to copy

Step 1: Select The PageClick to copy

On the PageFly dashboard, select the tab Pages. Then, click on the box next to the page(s) that you want to export

Step 2: Select Export OptionsClick to copy

You can also export multiple pages at a time by clicking the Export button, and then we see 3 different options:

  • All pages: By choosing this option, you will export all PageFly pages of your store.
  • All selected pages: You can choose pages selectively by clicking on each of them.
  • All filtered of page(s): You can export all pages listed in the filtered result in the filter bar.

Step 3: Check The NotificationClick to copy

There is a notification shown: Images used in the page will NOT be exported. You will need to download images and then upload them individually via Image Manager in the destination page.

Step 4: Click On The Export ButtonClick to copy

Click on the Export button.

Please NOTE that your exported files will be in format .pagefly to recognize easily.

When you export multiple pages, these pages are all in one zip file that will be downloaded to your computer.

How To Import PageFly Page(S)Click to copy

You can easily import pages by clicking the “Import” button on the page listing and following these step:

Step 1: Click On The Import ButtonClick to copy

Click on the Import button (next to the Export button)

Step 2: Choose The File To UploadClick to copy

Select a .pagefly file to upload. Multiple pages can be imported. It’s only possible to import files once they are in .pagefly format.

You need to agree that all images will not be imported by selecting the tick box.

How To Import/Export Section(S)Click to copy

You can also export or import your PageFly sections so they can be used for multiple different stores. The steps will be similar to pages. First, you need to choose Sections tab from the PageFly dashboard.

import pagefly page

To export, choose the section(s) that you want to export, and hit the Export button.

To import, choose the Import button next to the Export button, select the PageFly section from your device and agree that all images will not be imported.

Use CaseClick to copy

  • Selling internationally: When you have multiple stores in several countries, you can export pages or sections from one store to others. Hence all your stores will be consistent.
  • Migrate to a new store: It will save a lot of time to rebuild a store from nothing. You can still use the existing to adapt to the new one.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

Can I Export An Unpublished Page/Section?Click to copy

Yes, you can export an unpublished page/section.

Do I Need To Upgrade To A Paid Plan To Export/Import A Page?Click to copy

No, you still can export and import a page or a section in PageFly free plan. However, you might need to be in a paid plan if you want to publish more than one page or section after you import to a new store.

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