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In this article, you will learn about different page types that are supported by the PageFly page builder. You can read more about how to create a new page with PageFly here.

Page types and PageFly subscription planClick to copy

The number of pages in each page type can be limited due to your PageFly plan. The table below describes the number of page types in each plan that you can create and edit:

Type of pageFree Silver Gold planPlatinum
Regular page1 page20 pages30 pagesUnlimited
Home page1 page2 pages5 pagesUnlimited
Product page1 page2 pages30 pagesUnlimited
Collection page1 page2 pages30 pagesUnlimited
Password page1 page2 pages5 pagesUnlimited
Blog post1 page2 pages30 pagesUnlimited

Regular pageClick to copy

A standalone page, landing page or subpage for your store and campaign. You can use regular pages to create an About us page, FAQ page, Contact us page or even a landing page.

Home pageClick to copy

A brand-new efficient home page that visitors first see when they go to your store.

Collection pageClick to copy

An embedded page that adds more content to your existing collection page below the Shopify content.

Product pageClick to copy

An embedded page that adds more content to your existing product page below the Shopify content.

Password pageClick to copy

A customized page to notify or entertain visitors when the front-end password is enabled.

Blog postClick to copy

A blog post to talk about your brand or product.

In the PageFly templates library, we provide all page types so you can choose

How to switch page typesClick to copy

For example, if you want to change from a regular page to a home page, you can follow the following steps

  • Step 1: Open the Page Settings
  • Step 2: Click the Type section and choose the page type you want. In this case, we choose the Home page

pagefly page outline

Can I have both of PageFly home page and the home page made by the Shopify theme?Click to copy

It’s impossible to have both of the PageFly home page and home page made by theme. Once you publish the PageFly home page, it replaces the home page made by your theme. And when you unpublish the PageFly home page, your home page made by your theme will be back.

However, in some cases, when you unpublish the PageFly home page but the theme’s home page won’t show up, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Go to Shopify admin > Online Store > Themes > Edit code
  2. Find the index.liquid file in the search field > choose the index.liquid file
  3. Click on the Older versions

4. Scroll down the dropdown and find the Original version as the gif below

And remember to save this change.

PageFly provides the import/ import function, you can check it

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