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In this article, you will learn about the Saved section and how to use it in PageFly pages and Shopify theme editors.

Note: If you publish one section in the Section list, it will be counted as a slot of the new pricing plan. Read more about the new pricing here.

About Saved sectionClick to copy

The Saved section feature is created to save you hours of design work. It lets you save an existed section or create a new one and re-use it on all of your PageFly or Shopify pages.

Once you published the section, you can use it in multiple pages to have the same content in each page. After adding the Saved section in your PageFly’s pages, this section will be automatically synced with the original one in Section list. When you edit the content or layout/styling of the original one, all synced sections in all pages will be changed.

You can check more details in the video tutorial below.

How to save or create a section on a PageFly pageClick to copy

1. Save your sectionsClick to copy

  • Step 1: Choose a section you want to save
  • Step 2: In the Element Toolbar (after you choose a section, it shows up), click on the last icon which is the Saved section icon
  • Step 3: Name for this saved section, in this case, we name “Hero Banner
  • Step 4: Click on the Save button

saved section

After saving, the section will be saved as an unpublish section, you can find it on the Sections listing on the left corner of the PageFly dashboard.

Section listing

2. Create a sectionClick to copy

Step 1: Click on the Sections list

Step 2: Hit the “Create a new section” button to start building a new page from scratch.

Or hit the “Create a new section from premade section templates” button to use PageFly pre-made section templates.

Step 3: After finishing adjusting for it, hit Save & Publish to use the section for your pages.

saved section

Access the saved sectionClick to copy

1. Use saved sections on PageFly pagesClick to copy

Step 1: Click or hover on a section on editor page > hit the + icon on the right

Step 2: In pop up Section, you can select a Premade section or a Saved section

Step 3: Hit Select section to use on the page


global section

2. Use saved sections on Shopify pagesClick to copy

With theme OS 2.0, you can add the saved section on Shopify pages.

Step 1: In Shopify dashboard > Online store > Theme  > Current Theme, hit the Customize button

Step 2: In Shopify editor page, scroll down to Add section button > hit Show more > select PageFly section

Step 3: Click on PageFly section > in Sections, select section that you want to add

Step 4: Hit Save to show the section on liveview


global section

Saved section configurationClick to copy

You can customize saved section in the Section list. The change will be updated to the section on all pages that contain it.

In the section editor page, you can find the Premade section and change the section title in the More Actions button on the top right.


premade section

Note that you can’t edit the saved section on the editor page. To edit them, please go to the Section list to adjust.

If you want to use the saved section only for a specific page, you will need to unsync it from the original one. Once unsynced, all changes made in the original section will not affect the section and the section also can’t sync to the original one anymore.

unlink section

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