Firstly, you can check the video tutorial on getting started with PageFly below:

You can check the PageFly Page playlist which shows full of videos about the settings page here.

The Page section gives general information about PageFly pages. PageFly gives you a wide variety of diverse features that allow you to build a beautiful store.

PageFly helps you to save loads of time when building your Shopify store. Here we have a collection of articles that will help you to better understand how to make use of the features in the Page section.

To save you hours of design work, you can use the premade page themes from PageFly’s selection of templates. You can re-use them on many pages to save you time. PageFly makes your life easier with the import and export features so you can use your pages for multiple different stores as well.

If you feel the Shopify product or collection page is not enough for you, don’t worry, this section provides you with a guide to enrich the content of your Shopify product or collection pages to make them more fleshed out. This will help you to convey more information about your product and increase conversion rates accordingly.

You can learn how to check all the previously saved versions of your pages and even revert them back to a previously saved version.

PageFly provides you with a general view of six different page types. These are the Regular page, Home page, Product page, Collection page, Blog post, and Password page. You’ll learn in-depth techniques to create a great-looking blog page to attract more customers, as well as password pages and landing pages, and much more.

PageFly also allows you to insert custom CSS and Javascript code into your pages in case you want to take a more hands-on approach.

Check out these useful articles below to learn the tricks of the trade.

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