How to Create PageFly FAQ Page (Updated in 2023)

An FAQ Page (Frequently Asked Questions page) is the key part of a knowledge base, as it addresses the most common questions customers have; which is useful to customers at all stages of the customer journey.

This is also the page where marketers can input all complicated answers to attract engaged shoppers to understand more about the brand.

Check out this informative video showcasing a great example of a Shopify FAQ Page built by PageFly!

1. How to create a FAQ page with PageFly?Click to copy

1.1. Step 1: Create Regular PageClick to copy

In the PageFly dashboard, select the Pages tab and click on the Create blank page button on the right screen, choose Regular to start building your page from scratch.

Or hit the Create from a template button to use PageFly templates for your FAQs page.

You can simply type template named “Barista”:

1.2. Step 2: Add FAQs sectionsClick to copyClick to copy

To save your time, you can access PageFly pre-made section and select FAQs sections here.

After that, you can freely change content on this section to your prepared content.

Elements that can use for this section:

  • Accordion element: Then the Accordion element is highly recommended because it is used to create collapsible content on a page to provide a cleaner user experience.
  • Tab element: If you end up with a long list of questions,you can organize many questions into categories like “Shipping” or “Sizing & Fit” so visitors can find what they’re looking for more easily. In this case, you can use Tab element for it.

1.3. Step 3: Add Testimonial SectionClick to copy

To save your time, you can access the PageFly pre-made section and select Testimonial sections here.

Next, click on each element to change in the general tab and adjust styling in the styling tab. You can check this gif for reference:

You can also build the section from scratch using the Content list element. In the Element catalog, click on the Add element icon to add Content list element.

1.4. Step 4: Add Contact FormClick to copy

Customers may concern other questions and they have not found the answer, they will need to send you the question immediately.

The Contact Form element is designed to help you easily collect customer’s messages or inquiries to increase your conversion rate.

1.4.1. Create LayoutClick to copy

In the Element catalog, click on the Add element and select ½ and ½ layout.

After that, adjust padding top and bottom for the section and scroll down to change Background color, Background image like this:

1.4.2. Add Content

Now add a heading element into the first column. Now change the content in the general tab and switch to rgb(82, 48, 30) tab, change:

  • Font size: 48Px
  • Font family: Tenor Sans
  • Color: rgb(227, 225, 221)

You can see the result as below:

In the Element catalog, click on the Add Shopify element icon > add Contact form element into the second column. You can see the result here:

1.5. Step 5: Save and Publish the pageClick to copy

After the page is done, click on the Save & Publish button and Live view to see the page in the live.

You can see the Live page as below:

FAQs page

2. Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

2.1. What is the FAQ page?Click to copy

A FAQ page is a page in your online store that answers common customer questions, concerns, and objections. It is important to collect all the questions you hear from your customers and research more about the problems that they have trouble understanding. It can be about the shipping, products, orders issues, sizing, and return policy. Note that to use FAQ pages, you must write clear answers to questions.

2.2. What should be included in a FAQ page?Click to copy

The FAQ page commonly includes 4 following sections: FAQs Section, Testimonial Section, Newsletter, Trust Badge

2.3. How should I start writing a FAQ page?Click to copy

You should write your questions from your customer’s point of view (e.g. “How do I …”) and answer from your business’s perspective (e.g., “You should …” or “We provide …”).

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