JSON Template with PageFly

In this manual, you will learn about JSON templates in Shopify 2.0 and how many JSON templates merchants can have.

About JSON templates

If you have never heard of the word JSON or Liquid, here are some simple things you might want to know about them. In Shopify, there are two main types of templates which are JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and Liquid. Most of the templates in Shopify including ones built by a third party app/theme are in these two forms. Along with the latest release of Shopify Online Store 2.0, JSON templates have many upsides in the Shopify Online Store  2.0 mechanism.

JSON Template vs Liquid Template

As mentioned above, Shopify Online Store 2.0 favors JSON templates. With JSON templates, merchants are allowed to add and move the theme section above or below PageFly content.

json template

Beside that, you can also display or hide theme sections including Default Product/Collection Details with JSON templates. This function is not available with Liquid templates in Online Store 2.0 themes. 

However, if you are on Online Store 1.0 themes, Liquid templates still perfectly display default Product/Collection Details. 

To sum up, if you don’t have the intention of adding theme sections below or above PageFly content, both JSON template and Liquid template are perfectly fine. However, if you want to use additional sections from the theme and move it around, you must use JSON templates with Online Store 2.0 themes 

JSON page limitation

Shopify allows a total of 1000 JSON templates for your store. Here is more information about JSON page limitation from Shopify.

However, there are some ways you can get more JSON page if you reach the limit:

  • The easiest way is to delete unnecessary JSON templates in PageFly. However, 1000 JSON templates are more than enough for your store
  • You can also delete the theme page by editing the code in themes. However, this way is for advanced users only. If you want to do this but not sure how, please drop us a message on live chat

From now on, all page types will be published as JSON templates both on O.S 1.0 themes and O.S 2.0 themes.

If you have not exceeded the limit of 1000 JSON templates, your pages will be published as JSON templates. When you exceed the limitation, your pages will be published as Liquid template. The 1001st page or above will be published as Liquid template.

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