Use Image Manager to upload media files

Firstly, you can check this video tutorial to learn about Image Manager in PageFly:

In this article, you will learn how to upload an image and use the Image Manager to edit and organize your images.

The Image Manager is built to essentially help you save time on designing and improving work efficiency.

You can find the Image Manager in:

  • General setting of Image elements
  • Background setting of any section
  • Cover Image setting of HTML Video element

Important note:

When you upload an image to your page, it will be stored in the Image Manager.

PageFly Assets theme – DO NOT DELETE is the place that contains all the images that you upload to the image manager. You can find this by going to the Shopify Admin > Online Store > Themes > scroll down to see the PageFly Assets theme – DO NOT DELETE.

And one more important thing: DO NOT delete this because if you delete this, then all your images will be lost.

Upload an image

Click the icon named “Select from Image Manager” to upload the image.

3 ways to upload an image

In Image Manager, you have 3 options to upload an image:

  1. Upload from computer
  2. Import from Internet
  3. Select from Image Manager
Upload from computer

Click Upload From Computer button >

pick the image from your device.


Import from the Internet

Click the icon next to Upload From Computer button >

copy the image address and paste to the input.

Select from Image Manager

If you want to use a recently uploaded image,

simply choose Select from Image Manager

On-hover options

When you hover over an uploaded image, you can find 2 options:

  1. Re-select another image from Image Manager. The Image Manager will pop up.
  2. Remove the image from display

Use the Image Manager

The Image Manager has 2 tabs: My Images and Trash.

Let’s look at the My Images tab first.

Upload button

Inside the Image Manager, you have 2 options to add images in. You can:

  • Import from the Internet
  • Upload from computer

Extra tip: It’s handy to remember that you can even drag images from your computer and drop add files.

If you drag in 1 image, it is selected by default.

If you drag in multiple images at the same time, no image is selected.

View options

You will find 2 view options for your images, which are:

  • Grid view (by default)
  • List view

By default, images are sorted by its uploaded date. Most recently uploaded photos are placed first. As you scroll down, you can find earlier photos.

You can search for one, or multiple images that have similar names using the Image Search.

Images on this page

You can filter all images on the current page

Short images

There are 4 options:

  • Newest First
  • Oldest First
  • A to Z
  • Z to A

Image editing

By checking on the box, you can select multiple images at the same time.


You can rename the images directly inside the Image Manager, by hovering over its name and clicking. After that, the name is instantly editable.


You can select one or multiple images to delete, simply by clicking on them > hit Move to Trash button.

Deleted images will be moved to the Trash tab.

Now let’s see what’s in the Trash tab.

In the Trash tab, you can find similar options as in My Images tab. These alike buttons are:

  • Upload from computer
  • Import from Internet
  • View options: Grid or List layout

There are 2 buttons that we should pay attention to. They are:

  1. Delete forever

Important: If your image is used on various pages at the same time, if you delete it on one page, the image will be removed from other pages too. There’s no way to restore them all together. You will be notified as below:

  1. Restore. 

You can restore any deleted images back to the My Images tab at any time.


Inside the Image Manager, while hovering over the image, you can:

  • Edit the image

You can see the actual size of the image

You can resize, flip, rotate, or even crop the image.

  • Zoom in on the image

You can check this video that guides you how to create basic layouts with image and text in PageFly:

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