Tips to Optimize Sale On Valentines Day with PageFly Dynamic Checkout Button

PageFly Dynamic Checkout Buttons are a valuable tool for online stores looking to improve the checkout process and increase conversion rates. By offering a faster and easier way to purchase, dynamic checkout buttons can help you to boost sales and improve customer satisfaction.

For the upcoming Valentine’s day product page, dynamic checkout button can be great for helping increasing conversion rate by offering the preferred payment method to shoppers. So if you are looking forward to this, check out this article!

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Learn how to optimize your store, to get ready for the Valentines day on sale with the following items:

  1. Understanding PageFly Dynamic Checkout Button
  2. How to add Dynamic Checkout button on your PageFly’s pages
  3. Additional Tips to Maximize Conversion Rates for Your Valentine’s Day Sale
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

Tips to Optimize Sale On Valentines Day with PageFly Dynamic Checkout Button

Understanding PageFly Dynamic Checkout ButtonClick to copy

PageFly Dynamic Checkout Buttons are commonly used on product pages, but they can also be used on other pages of your online store, such as the homepage or search results.

Adding PageFly Dynamic Checkout ButtonClick to copy

Step By StepClick to copy

Settings On Shopify AdminClick to copy

In order to add the Paypal option or other payment method, you need to set up this payment method in your Shopify store. Please go to your Shopify store admin > Settings > Payments to add the payment method:

Tips to Optimize Sale On Valentines Day with PageFly Dynamic Checkout Button

Settings On PageFly PageClick to copy

Dynamic checkout button on the PageFly page is the ‘BUY IT NOW’ Button.

  • To add a dynamic checkout button to your Valentine page, first, you can select the product for this campaign.
  • Then add dynamic checkout button to that product by using this code:  {{ form | payment_button }} into the HTML/Liquid element.

Tips to Optimize Sale On Valentines Day with PageFly Dynamic Checkout Button

All the necessary steps to add this button, you can check this article for more information. Please note that this only works within the Product Details element with the option Combined Variant turned on.


Tips to Optimize Sale On Valentines Day with PageFly Dynamic Checkout Button

Customize Dynamic Checkout ButtonClick to copy

To customize the color for Buy it now button, you can add this code into the Custom code editor:

 .shopify-payment-button__button.shopify-payment-button__button–unbranded {

background: red;


You can replace the color name or color hex code you want after the background text.

Tips to Optimize Sale On Valentines Day with PageFly Dynamic Checkout Button

You can access this folder to retrieve the exported file of this sample page. Then, import it into your store for use.

Additional Ideas For A Successful Valentine’s SeasonClick to copy

For a Valentine-themed online store, the font and color choices play a crucial role in setting the right mood and attracting customers. Here are some recommendations:

Check out this video tutorial on how to create stunning Valentine-themed promotional pages for your Shopify store, that promise lovely sales!

Font RecommendationsClick to copy

  • Playfair Display: A sophisticated serif font with a classic, elegant feel.
  • Merriweather: A readable serif font that works well for body text, providing comfort and style.
  • Roboto Slab: A contemporary take on the traditional slab serif, offering a more modern aesthetic.

Valentines Day Color PaletteClick to copy

  • Red: Symbolizes love and passion. Use a rich, vibrant shade like scarlet or crimson.
  • Pink: Represents playfulness and sweetness. Opt for softer shades like pastel pink or rose. To get the color code, you can refer this source: Color Hex.
  • Gradient Color: If you want to add gradients for background color, CSS Gradient is a free tool for you to customize the color and get the css code. Please note that this tool only works with background colors. After get the css code, go to PageFly page and paste it into the CSS code box like this:

Gift Guide Section For Valentine’s DayClick to copy

You can create a Valentine’s day gifts sale section, pershap by ‘Product Recommendation Section’ to help customers find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. Categorize products based on interests, budgets, or recipients to simplify the shopping experience.

To save time when building your page, you can also use PageFly’s premade Valentine’s Day page templates. Here is an example from our collection of templates.

Tips to Optimize Sale On Valentines Day with PageFly Dynamic Checkout Button

For more details, you can check out the guide on How to Create a New Page from PageFly Templates.

Buy Now Pay LaterClick to copy

Buy Now, Pay Later‘ (BNPL) is a rapidly growing trend on Shopify. In fact, a recent study by Klarna revealed that BNPL usage on Shopify grew by 250% in 2022. You can add this option to your Shopify store, as Shopify has made it easy for merchants to integrate BNPL options by partnering with leading BNPL providers such as Klarna, Affirm, and Afterpay.

Tips to Optimize Sale On Valentines Day with PageFly Dynamic Checkout Button

Powerful Elements To Maximize Your Valentine’s Day SalesClick to copy

  • Countdown Timers: Increase conversion rates by incorporating countdown timers for time-sensitive promotions and flash sales. These timers create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to act quickly. You can use the Essential Countdown Timer Bar app to customize the timer’s appearance to match your store’s branding and schedule it to start and stop automatically. For both new sign-ups and existing merchants, you can apply this code after installing the app: ESSENTIAL33  to get 33% OFF on All Plans.
  • Curate themed bundles: like romantic couples’ sets and foodie lovers’ bundles. Promote the bundled price as a discount compared to buying items individually. Kaching Bundles Quantity Break can help you create these bundles easily. We provide you the discount code: PAGEFLY40 – 40% OFF on ALL plans for 3 months (plus 14-day free trial). You can apply discount code at the Pricing Plans page.
  • Order tracking: To improve customer satisfaction & boost your sales with a branded post-purchase tracking experience, you can use Parcel Panel Order Tracking app with 30 days free trial. Please note that this offer is only applicable with this installation link.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

OverviewClick to copy

When is Valentine’s Day?Feb, 14 Annually
What do people give out on Valentine’s Day?Jewelry, sexy lingerie or teddy bear…
What is traditionally given on Valentine’s Day?Card, flowers and a box of chocolates

Why does the Custom Color Code for the Buy It Now button doesn’t work on my page?Click to copy

Because the custom color code only applies to the original “Buy it now” button. Paypal and Shoppay buttons use default styling.

Buy It Now button can not  click or does not show?Click to copy

Solution: You have to add the Product Variant inside the Product Detail to make “Buy It Now” button work.

Best Valentine’s Day clearance ideas?Click to copy

Looking for ideas to promote your brand, to present best Valentines day on sale deals to customers? You could try sending emails alerting your current customers about the deals, add a dedicated section to your store, offer free gift wrapping and also contact local influencers to promote your deals. All these tactics should be done within 2 week-prior to Valentine’s day.

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