How to use T Lab to translate PageFly’s page

In this article, you’ll learn how to translate your PageFly pages into different languages with T Lab –  AI Language Translate

With T Lab, you can translate all pages and show prices in multiple currencies, thus reaching new markets. Supporting multiple languages in your Shopify store is a sure-fire way to increase your conversion rate over time.

Please note that the footer and header of your website are theme-related content. You can translate this content with T Lab through another section in the app, not through the PageFly integration.

Install PageFly

Install T Lab – AI Language Translate

Step 1: Languages ConfigurationClick to copy

After installing T Lab, open the app in Shopify Admin > App >  T Lab. You will be directed to the T Lab main dashboard.

translation pagefly

To translate the content of pages created by PageFly, first, you will need to set up languages in the T lab.

First, head to the Languages menu in the T Lab dashboard to configure languages to be translated. First, select the language in Unpublished > hit Add button > click on Publish button.

translate pagefly

Then, in the Shopify dashboard > Settings > Markets, in Primary market, hit Manage to setting for language.

translate pagefly

After that, in Domains and languages, click Manage > Scroll down to Languages > Select languages have been added in T Lab > hit Save

translate pagefly

Step 2: Add translationClick to copy

In the Translations menu, select Translation for language and Translation of

For language, you can select among languages that have been set up in the Languages menu before.

translate pagefly

For Translation of, you can select PageFly to translate fully PageFly content.

translate pagefly

Please note that you have to hit the Sync button to extract the PageFly pages used in your store.

translate pagefly

After syncing PageFly pages, you can set up translations for all pages. In this sample, I have translated the homepage.

translate pagefly

Step 3: Setup SwitchersClick to copy

In Switchers, select Basic (language), choose Theme header for Switcher Type and select the theme that is applying in your store.

translate pagefly

Then hit Save to save the configuration.

You can check the result in liveview now!

translate pagefly

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