Use Langify to Translate PageFly Pages

Learn how to translate your PageFly pages to different languages with the Langify Shopify App, a solution to make your Shopify store multilingual.

Having multiple languages in your Shopify store is a surefire way to increase conversions over time. Check Langify Help Center here if you need any further configuration in the app.

1. Step 1: Add LanguageClick to copy

After installing Shopify Langify, open the app in Shopify Admin > App > Langify.

You will be directed to the Langify main dashboard.

First of all, you will need to choose a language in the Languages tab to use other functions of Langify.

To translate the content of pages created by PageFly, head to the respective category & section on the left.

2. Step 2: Translate ContentsClick to copy

Remember to choose the correct language in the top dropdown menu.

Click on the string on the right then add your translations.

You can translate the content by yourself or using Langify Auto-translate.

3. Translate Custom ContentsClick to copy

If you want to add your custom content, click on Custom on the left side.

Click on the corresponding tab in the list.


Click on your target content string, enter translation in the right box or use Langify Auto-translate function. Your translation of the PageFly content will be published.

After successfully creating one custom string, you can create more content as you please.

4. Key TakeawaysClick to copy

If you see a problem with Langify translating with PageFly, please contact Langify first. If after that, they mention PageFly, drop us a message and we will assist you right away.

5. Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

5.1. Is there a free version of Langify Shopify?Click to copy

No, only 7-day free trial available, with price starting from $4.99 per 10.000 words

5.2. What is the use of Shopify Langify?Click to copy

This is the way to translate a page to English or to any other supported languages. Going Global is the best way to boost your sales, and conversion rate, as the best way to localize your store.

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