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Note that if your theme is not published yet, the PageFly pages you want to be added into the Shopify menu won’t show up. You need to publish your theme to see the PageFly pages to see it from clicking on the menu navigation.

In this article, you will learn how to sync PageFly pages to your Shopify store and link them to Shopify menu navigation.

Publish the regular page

  • On the page list on the left side, choose the Regular pages option
  • And then choose a page you want to link to the menu navigation

pagefly navigation

Inside the PageFly page editor, you can find two buttons: Save and Publish.

  • Save: This button will save the page on our PageFly server only.
  • Publish: This button will both save the page on our PageFly server and synchronize that data to your Shopify store. After the page is published, you should see the confirmation green message box below.

In this case, you just need to publish the page.

And when you publish successfully, there is a green message like the screenshot below

Note that when a regular page is published, it will be displayed in the Pages list of your Shopify admin.

To make sure that the page is synced successfully to your Shopify store please navigate to Shopify Admin > Online Store > Pages and you should see that your page has been created/published with PageFly.

In this case, our page is “Scheerproducten” as you can see in the screenshot below

pagefly navigation

Important note

Note that if you want to edit the page you have to go back to the PageFly editor dashboard.

Linking PageFly pages to Shopify menu navigation

In order to have your PageFly page accessible from the Shopify menu navigation, please go to Shopify Admin > Online Stores > Navigation > and select the menu you want to add a link to on your PageFly page (we have chosen the Main menu in this example).

You need to name the page first. And then, you can type the page’s name or find it in the Pages, please see the video below:

Finally, click on the Save Menu button.

Now you can see your page on the live store.

If you find it a bit complicated, join our PageFly Community to share your issue to discuss it with other merchants and the PageFly team and get more eCommerce information.

You can watch this video tutorial to have a better view of how to link a PageFly page such as a sales page or landing page with Shopify Menu

You can check this article to know how to create a password page with PageFly when you haven’t finished building your store yet (without publishing your pages).

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