How to Publish PageFly Page to Shopify Menu Navigation

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Easily add your PageFly pages into your Shopify store’s menu navigation to enhance customer access directly from the live store. This guide outlines the steps to link PageFly pages to your Shopify Menu Navigation effectively.

For more details, you can check the video tutorial below:

RequirementsClick to copy

  • Published Theme: Your selected theme must be published. Unpublished themes prevent PageFly pages from appearing in the Shopify menu. Publish your theme to ensure visibility.
  • Publish Your Page: Activate the Publish button on your PageFly page to save and synchronize it with your Shopify store. A confirmation message will verify successful publication.

How To Publish PageFly Page To Shopify Menu Navigation?Click to copy

Quickly link your PageFly page to the Shopify menu by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Access Online StoreClick to copy

From the Shopify Admin, go to Sales channels > Online Stores

publish pagefly to Shopify navigation

  • Step 2: Select Menu NavigationClick to copy

Click on Navigation > Menus > Select the menu you want to add a link to for your PageFly page (we’ve used Main menu as an example)

  • Step 3: Add Menu ItemClick to copy

On the Main menu, click on “Add menu item”. You need to enter a name for the page, like “Landing page”. Then, search for your PageFly page by typing or pasting its URL in the search field. After you finish, click “Add” to add the page to the menu, and click Save menu to save your work.

You can check the GIF below to know how to add the menu item.

Your PageFly page is now linked to your Shopify Menu Navigation.

Use CasesClick to copy

  • Promotional Landing Pages: Ideal for adding promotional landing pages to your menu.
  • Navigation Inclusion: Perfect for including essential pages like “Contact Us” in your navigation.

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What Is Shopify Menu Navigation?Click to copy

Shopify Menu Navigation is the way to help customers find online stores faster also to search for important pages

What Is Mega Menu Shopify?Click to copy

A mega menu lets sellers show several menus from one dropdown in the main store’s navigation.

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