How to Publish PageFly Page to Shopify Menu Navigation

This article will walk you through the step-by-step guide to link PageFly pages to Shopify Menu Navigation, so your customers can easily access your pages on the live store.

Publish page to Shopify menu navigation

1. Note Before PublishClick to copy

If your theme still needs to be published, the PageFly pages you’ve created won’t appear on your Shopify menu. Make sure to publish your theme first, and then you’ll be able to see those pages just by clicking on the menu navigation.

2. Step 1: Publish the Regular PageClick to copy

Before you start linking your pages to your Shopify Menu Navigation, remember to hit the Publish button. It will not only save your page on our PageFly server, but it’ll sync that data to your Shopify store too.

Once the page is all set and published, you’ll see the confirmation message box.

Publish page to Shopify menu navigation

Note: If you want to edit the page, head back to the Editor.

To access your page from menu navigation, follow these simple steps:

2.1. Visit Online StoreClick to copy

From the Shopify Admin, go to Online Stores

2.2. Select Menu NavigationClick to copy

Click on Navigation > Menus > Select the menu you want to add a link to for your PageFly page (we’ve used Main menu as an example)

2.3. Choose Add Menu ItemClick to copy

On the Main menu, click on Add menu item

2.4. Name the PageClick to copy

Name the page. In this example, it’s “Landing Page”

2.5. Find the PageClick to copy

Find the page with the corresponding type or paste its URL

2.6. SaveClick to copy

Click Add and Save the work.

Now your PageFly page is successfully linked to Shopify Menu navigation.

For more details, please check this video tutorial:

3. Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to copy

3.1. What is Shopify Menu Navigation?Click to copy

Shopìy Menu Navigation is the way to help customers find online stores faster also to search for important pages

3.2. What is Mega Menu Shopify?Click to copy

A mega menu lets sellers show several menus from one dropdown in the main store’s navigation.

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