How to Use Parallax Effect in a Section

​​In this article, you will learn how to create a section with a parallax effect to boost the visual experience of your page. You can install PageFly for Free.
Important note: The parallax effect only works on Live view
You can also watch this video tutorial:

1. Add Parallax EffectClick to copy

Please follow the following steps:

  • Choose Add element icon > Layout > drag Full Section to the page editor
  • Navigate to the Styling tab.
  • In the BACKGROUND section > Background Style, choose Parallax > choose image with Image Source

Use parallax effect in a section

  • Adjust the Padding in the Styling tab for the parallax image.

Use parallax effect in a section

Important: When a fixed value is set for the Padding in the “All” view, it will be applied to all other views (tablet and mobile) and makes the design not responsive by default anymore. Scroll down to learn how to fix this.

Hit Publish and view the page.

2. Optimize Mobile Design

  • Switch to Mobile view.
  • Select the Section > Styling tab > SPACING > set 0px for the bottom-padding so the section won’t take up the whole mobile screen and ruin the mobile experience.

Use parallax effect in a section

  • Hit Publish and see the parallax effect working on the page.

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