Integrate with Google Analytics to track my page

In this article, you will learn how to integrate Google Analytics (GA) to track events and actions on your PageFly pages. Before you start, we recommend that you have GA set up in your store.

Step 1: Install GA tracking code into Shopify storeClick to copy

First, log in to your GA account. Then, select Admin > Property Settings > copy the Tracking ID (UA-xxxxxxxx-x) to clipboard.

In a new tab,

  1. Go to Shopify home > Sales Channels > Online Store
  2. Choose Preferences
  3. Copy the tracking ID and paste to Google Analytics parameter

Step 2: Set up the code into PageFly pageClick to copy

In PageFly, GA integration is available in 12 elements:

  1. Heading
  2. Button
  3. Image
  4. MailChimp Form
  5. Product List
  6. Product Image
  7. Product Title
  8. Product Add to cart
  9. Product View Details
  10. Collection Image
  11. Collection Title
  12. Collection View Details

You can see an example below.

Select an element and then go to the General tab > TRACKING section > Google Analytics.

There will be a GA box appearing with 3 options:

  • GA Event Category
  • GA Event Action
  • GA Event Label

Here, you can also set up Facebook pixel integration.

Step 3: Make sure events are firing properlyClick to copy

Let’s say, we have the Product Add to Cart button called “Try one” with GA Event Action setup as “Try one” and GA Event Category setup as “Page 1-CJS”

  • In GA, go to Reports > Real-time > Events.
  • Go to your page and click on the button.
  • Then go back to GA and you can see the name of the event category and event action that you set up before.

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