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In this article, you will learn how to sync PageFly pages to your Shopify store and link them to Shopify menu navigation.

Synchronize PageFly and Shopify pages

Sync PageFly pages to Shopify

You can access your PageFly pages anytime from the Pagefly App Dashboard or page types menu on the left side so long as you have an active subscription plan ( this includes the FREE plan).

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Inside the PageFly page editor, you can find two buttons: Save and Publish.

  • Save: this button will save the page on our PageFly server only.
  • Publish: this button will both save the page on our PageFly server and synchronize that data to your Shopify store. You should see the confirmation message below.

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To make sure that the page is synced successfully to your Shopify store please navigate to Shopify Admin > Online Store > Pages and you should see that your page has been created/published with PageFly.

Note that if you want to edit the page you have to go back to the PageFly editor dashboard.

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Access PageFly page’s source code from Shopify (optional)

If you want to find the source code of your PageFly page, you will need the unique ID that PageFly created based on Shopify page ID.
Access the PageFly page from Shopify Admin > Online Store > Pages and you can see that it’s actually a “page template” with a unique ID in the Pagefly editor URL (in this case, the page ID is 940f65fa). Note that if you are looking for the template ID of your Home Page, it is index.liquid instead of a numeric ID.

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Next, you have to go to Shopify Admin > Online Store > Themes > your theme name > Action > Edit code. Then, search for that unique page template ID and you’ll find the source code of your PageFly page.

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Linking PageFly pages to Shopify menu navigation

In order to have your PageFly page accessible from the Shopify menu navigation, please go to Shopify Admin > Online Stores > Navigation > and select the menu you want to add a link to on your PageFly page (we have chosen Main menu in this example).

Next, click on the Add menu item button. Give the item a name to be displayed on the Shopify menu.

In the Link field, type the name of your PageFly page then choose it and click the Add button.

Now you can see your page on the live store.

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